Welcome to the new gothamsound.com

​Welcome to the new gothamsound.com. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Our goal is to create a destination that our customers will use as a resource - not just to compare prices, but to learn about the equipment: detailed specifications, manuals, firmware, user reviews and related products are all there.

The features of the website are geared towards production sound mixers: For example, gear lists can be shared with colleagues, whether they are fellow sound mixers or production coordinators. You can ship your items or come to the store (or send production) to pick your order up.

We've also streamlined used gear sales so that you can upload listings directly, and make offers quickly and efficiently, while we inspect and and ship the equipment so that customers are never buying or selling used gear without a safety net.

In short, we tried to create a website that WE would want to visit and interact with - A "virtual extension" of our brick and mortar store on 38th St.  It's very much a living work in progress: We're adding new products on a daily basis, and while.right now you'll see your web orders when you log into your account, you'll soon be able to link your in-store purchases as well. We have MANY more exciting feature in development.

And no matter how many features the website has, you can ALWAYS pick up the phone and call us. We are hear for you.


Jim and Peter

P.S. The site's still in beta, so if something doesn't act right or you wish it did something that it doesn't, please let us know.

Big Hearts Not Just for Cardioid Mic Pattern Diagrams Anymore

Thousands of New Yorkers will be forced to make a choice this winter between buying a warm coat and putting food on the table, heating their homes, or meeting other basic survival needs. That’s why for the last 23 years, New York Cares has collected winter coats each holiday season and distributed them to thousands of men, women, and children who would otherwise go cold.

Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc. is a collection site for the 24th Annual Coat Drive. Bring your new or gently used winter coats to our office at 330 W. 38th St. from 9am to 6pm, Mondays through Fridays from now until December 31st. (If it's more convenient, there are hundreds of other collection sites around the city!)

What is the Coat Drive?
The New York Cares Coat Drive is one of New York City’s largest and most cherished philanthropic traditions, providing local residents a way to meaningfully support their community during the holiday season.

  • Who receives coats? Homeless men, women, and children, the working poor, and at-risk senior citizens from our partner nonprofit agencies and schools.
  • How many coats have been distributed?  New York Cares has handed out about 1.5 million coats to local residents in need over the last 23 years.
  • Who donates? As many as 65,000 caring New Yorkers donate coats annually. New York Cares also appeals to manufacturers and retailers to make bulk donations directly to help meet the unprecedented need for coats.
  • How is it funded? Coats are the lifeblood of the New York Cares Coat Drive, but money allows it to flow. New York Cares relies on financial donations to fund this considerable philanthropic initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe at [email protected] or 212-629-9430.

Sandy Close is a Myth

Further update: Gotham is open again for our normal 9am-6pm hours as of Wednesday, October 31st. Hope everyone's safe and getting back to normal in this strange subwayless world.

Update: Gotham is open for sales and any rental returns on Tuesday, and we expect to be back in full on Wednesday. A word about rental returns: We understand that it's extremely difficult to get around the city right now. Please make your rental returns only when it's safe. Please keep us informed by sending an email to us at [email protected]. Thank you!

Gotham will be closed Monday, October 28th due to Hurricane Sandy.


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