Welcome to the new gothamsound.com

​Welcome to the new gothamsound.com. Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Our goal is to create a destination that our customers will use as a resource - not just to compare prices, but to learn about the equipment: detailed specifications, manuals, firmware, user reviews and related products are all there.

The features of the website are geared towards production sound mixers: For example, gear lists can be shared with colleagues, whether they are fellow sound mixers or production coordinators. You can ship your items or come to the store (or send production) to pick your order up.

We've also streamlined used gear sales so that you can upload listings directly, and make offers quickly and efficiently, while we inspect and and ship the equipment so that customers are never buying or selling used gear without a safety net.

In short, we tried to create a website that WE would want to visit and interact with - A "virtual extension" of our brick and mortar store on 38th St.  It's very much a living work in progress: We're adding new products on a daily basis, and while.right now you'll see your web orders when you log into your account, you'll soon be able to link your in-store purchases as well. We have MANY more exciting feature in development.

And no matter how many features the website has, you can ALWAYS pick up the phone and call us. We are hear for you.


Jim and Peter

P.S. The site's still in beta, so if something doesn't act right or you wish it did something that it doesn't, please let us know.

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