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Repairing Location Sound Equipment for Audio Producers

SolderingExceptional Support for Broken and Intermittent Sound Equipment​

Gotham Sound and Communications Service Department offers first-rate support of location sound equipment in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

Requesting a Repair

A detailed description of issues can allow Gotham's’ experienced technicians in New York City and Atlanta to fix your audio equipment and get your gear working on set as quickly as possible.

When submitting audio equipment for a repair, Gotham Sound requests the following:

  • Contact information for equipment owner, i.e. name, email address and phone number
  • Is the equipment under warranty?
  • If not under warranty, point of contact for payment, e.g. Production company, 3rd Party or equipment owner
  • Full description of audio issues, including:
    1. Type of intermittence, e.g. static, buzzing, no sound, etc
    2. Location of intermittence/issues, e.g. at connector, at headphone jack, LCD screen, etc
    3. Cause of issues, e.g. dropped, fell, water damage etc

Labeling location sound equipment as simply “Broken” will add hours and increase repair costs, as it will take additional labor to identify the problem.

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Quality Audio Repairs at Affordable Costs

Understanding costs prior to an audio repair can save valuable time and money.

Hourly Rate and Evaluation Fees

Our hourly rate for in-house repairs is $125.00

Simple repairs like cable terminations typically take less time. That is reflected in your initial quote after check in.

Lavalier Repairs and Re-Terminations

Lavalier microphones with TA5F connectors have a flat rate fee of $59.95 per microphone.

Lavaliers with 3p-Lemo connectors (Zaxcom, Wisycom, etc.) and Lectrosonics waterproof connectors for waterproof transmitters cost $69.95 per microphone.

Microdot connector terminations also cost $69.95 per lavalier.

Evaluation Fees

There is no charge for equipment deemed not fixable or dead.

Warranty Repairs

Each manufacturer has their own warranty policy. We honor all repairs that are under warranty from the manufacturer and do not add a handling fee for those specific repairs.

We may apply a shipping cost to a warranty repair if the manufacturer does not pay for shipping, though this is not always the case.

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Turnaround Time to Fix Broken Sound Equipment

In-house repairs at Gotham Sound typically take 3-5 business days.

Audio equipment shipped to the manufacturer for evaluation and repair will vary in turnaround time. Factors include the severity of the problem and the location of the manufacturer.

If gear needs to be sent to the manufacturer, you will be notified via email/phone and will be given an approximate turnaround time.

Receiving a Quote for Repairs

Every repair is unique unto itself.

After your location sound equipment has been checked into the service department, Gotham Sound will email you an initial quote for the audio repair.

The initial quote is based on the type of equipment and common costs associated with sending it to the manufacturer for additional evaluation and repair.

At Gotham Sound, we quote high so you are never surprised by the final cost of your repair. After the full evaluation is complete, we are frequently able to reduce the quote to reflect the work needed to bring your equipment back in working order.

We are always happy to answer questions about your audio repair or quote.

Shipping Repair Costs

Shipping costs are added to the repairs if it is necessary for equipment to be shipped to and from the manufacturer. Shipping can be expedited for Overnight Delivery, 2-day, Ground, Etc. We do not offer free shipping on repairs.

Equipment Loans During Repair

Gotham Sounds Rental Department offers a 50% discount during the first week that location sound equipment is checked in for repair with Gotham Sound. This depends on audio gear availability in the Rental Department.

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