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Reach for the Stars (with a Fancy New Boom Pole)


A video guide and comparison charts to help you find the right boom pole.

More Rental Kit for Less Renter Cash


Get added flexibility in your kit at a great price when you reserve a qualifying rental package for pick-up anytime between now and the end of August 2016! 

Assuming Direct Control of the 6-Series


Big new firmware update (v 3.10) for the Sound Devices​ 6-series mixer recorders including wireless time code and metadata control for Timecode Systems​ and Ambient Recording​!

High Density Isn't Just for Lipoproteins Anymore!


Zaxcom High Density Wireless Transmitters are almost here - shipping out even as you read this breathlessly!

New Wireless for $108 a month!


We've got new kits with the latest wireless from Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, and WisyCom! Financing available on all orders over $100!