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Look Sharp as a Stingray


Order anything from K-Tek with Stingray in the name and get a FREE baseball cap and sticker!

970 The Answer


​Join us Thursday, September 3st (new date) at 2pm at for a discussion on integrating the Sound Devices 970 with Boom Recorder and the Yamaha QL1 and using Open APIs and DIY technology to customize audio recording set-ups.

Journey to the Pole


Looking for the right boom pole? Here are some convenient comparison charts to help.

Walkie with Confidence and Style (at 25% Off)


Become master of all you surveil with discount prices on communications accessories at our website for the rest of the month! These deals are available online only and ends 8/31!

Cantar? Hardly Know 'Er


​Want to know more about the Aaton Cantar X3? Tune in Tuesday for a review, ask questions in the chat, or check out the replay later at