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Sound Devices Announces the 688


The 688 is a brand new multi-channel mixer and recorder with optional integrated powering and wireless system! Pre-orders are open now for mid-March shipping!

Deep in the Heart of Taxes


As promised, here's the audio recordings of last Sunday's Tax and Finance for Production Personnel seminar.

Everything Ice


Due to weather, Gotham Sound Atlanta is closed for the rest of today (2/25/15). New York is available at (212) 629-9430 if you have an emergency.

Power Play


PSC releases a new miniature power distribution system on Wednesday, suitable for all your bag and small cart needs! Order yours today!

Even Sounder Devices


Sound Devices has released new firmware for the 633 and 664!

Update (2/18): The 633 firmware has been updated again to v1.04, so please update your machines accordingly.