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Audio Loosed


Firmware 2.0 for the Audio Limited A10 transmitter is available now, adding simultaneous recording and transmitting for balanced mics and line-level inputs!

Charging with a Free Action


To celebrate the impending release of the SL-F Series batteries, IDX is offering a FREE LC-2A Dual-Bay Simultaneous Battery Charger with the purchase of any three SL-F batteries!

Redial M for Music


The Sound Devices MixPre line expands once more with the MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M, bringing the set of specially designed musician tools to the smaller models!

Take It Higher


Lectrosonics is adding 941-960 MHz block wireless units to their line, enabling Part 74 licensed users to take advantage of the recently allocated spectrum!

Sonosaxual Connections


Save $700 when you purchase a Sonosax SX-R4 16-channel recorder with the SX-RC8 fader extension model to add rotary faders, power distribution, and AES inputs!

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