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Time Code Marches On


Ambient has released new Lockit firmware v4.01 with two brand new GUIs (Standard and Extended menus), a smart TRX mode, full jam mode, and custom slate clap display!

A Confederacy of Redundencies


Peter Schneider ruminates on finding the right back up solution for your workflow. Check out the full article here!

Day of the Tentacle


Tentacle Sync's incredibly compact and user-friendly time code generators are now available from Gotham Sound!

HMa Bounty


Lectrosonics has just announced their HMa wideband plug-on transmitter! It's still pending FCC approval, but you can pre-order now to make sure you get yours as soon as possible after release!

Lease Majesté II


Did you know that any purchase over $5000 is eligible for monthly financing through our partners at AbelCine? We've got details inside, as well as a whole passel of sample kits - take a look or make your own!