NAB Updates


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Rycote Avante!


Rycote has announced their Overcovers and Stickies Advanced, a set of larger than standard Overcovers, suitable for use with DPA Concealers.The Stickies come in three shapes: Round (for use with DPA Concealers without windscreens), O's (for use with DPA Concealers with windscreens), and Square (for square lavalier microphone mounts.

Spice Up Your Zax Life


Zaxcom showed up at NAB with a whole spate of great new products expanding the capability of their existing line!

First off we have the new members of the ZMT3 family! Same tiny form factors with all the recording and ZaxNet features of the original ZMT3, but the ZMT3-Phantom Transmitter adds selectable phantom powering for a transmitter you can easily add to the shotgun end of your boom pole and the ZMT3-HM Plug-in Transmitter makes your microphone into a incredibly small handheld unit! Note: the video erroneously says that the ZMT3-Phantom and ZMT3-HM have Neverclip. Please be aware that this is not the case.

Then there's the ZFR400, Zaxcom's next generation of their Bodypack Audio Recorders! This go-round it's built into the same compact frame as the ZMT3 for their smallest version yet, It retails for $975 and will be shipping mid-May

The RX-12R Digital Wireless Rack Receiver takes everything in the RX-12 receiver box and repacks it for a wideband receiver with a full tuning range of 512 – 698 MHz and a 35 MHz tracking front end filter in a convenient 1.5 rack mount frame. It retails for $2995 and will ship early June.

And last, but certainly not least, there's the Deva 24 Recorder, which will start shipping in July, price TBA! It's got an intuitive touchscreen interface, ZaxNet integration, MixAhead, and a lot more, all in a compact frame with a detachable front panel for a super versatile set-up that was worth the wait!

Seasonal Accessories


But NAB isn't just about new products; sometimes it's about special sales on existing products. To that end, Tascam is offering a FREE accessory kit via mail-in rebate when you buy a DR-70D recorder between now and the end of May 2017! It's a $79.99 value and contains a windscreen, shoe mount and dual 3.5mm audio pass-through cables.

Download the rebate form and get more details here.



The Boom Box and Sidekick are new from K-Tek and shipping now!

The Boom Box is a multifunctional boom stand with convenient handles that your boom operator can sit or stand on! It's lightweight, but supports up to 350 lbs!

The Sidekick Transmitter Klassic Bottom Module adds a up-facing XLRM attachment to your Klassic boom pole. This keeps a plug-in transmitter conveniently out of the way with your pole still protected by a rubber bumper at the bottom.