On-Set Internet Anywhere

We're pleased to announce that we're official dealers for Pepwave mobile internet products and you can now find them in our sales and rental inventories.
epwave mobile routers give you robust and reliable internet access from anywhere with mobile phone reception so you can communicate directly with clients, producers, and crew in real time with layers of redundancy.

Stream 4K video and multiple audio channels with unlimited cellular internet and no throttling or data prioritization. (Additional fees may apply.)

It's an incredibly flexible line of products, but with that comes a lot of complex choices, so we work with the manufacturer directly to ensure you get a custom-built remote internet solution that suits the specific needs of your project.

Join us Thursday, September 10th at 3pm for a facebook live stream all about using Pepwave on set, including use cases for actual projects.

Can't wait for the video? Contact us now and we'll help you get started.

Audio Converter

Trade-in your old 664 or 688 and get up to $1500 back when you buy a new 833, 888, or Scorpio Recorder.

Buy the 8-series recorder with us and then send your receipt along with your operational 664 or 688 to Sound Devices and they'll send you a check for $1500 (for a 688) or $1000 (for a 664).

Please note that qualifying mixers must power up, have a working LCD, and pass audio. The rebate form and more details are available here.

Policy Letter


We've updated our COVID-19 precautions statement. Iit's available for download here for your producer or production coordinator or it can be perused under the jump.

Collaborate in Libson (No Matter Where You Happen To Be)


Productions are starting to work out how to return to set in the safest manner possible and we've been considering how we can help smoothly integrate remote crew into your production.

Here's a 50 second video of one way it might work:

We've made some sample packages below for both single channel (where all remote participants are on one channel) and multi-channel (where remote participants can speak to different groups), but this is only the start of the conversation. We'd love to hear what problems you’re trying to solve, solutions you're using, features you miss, or any other thoughts about all of this.



Keeping your equipment clean and sanitized is more important than ever, so we went directly to the manufacturers for best practices. General advice is below the jump, but please note that these tips may not apply to every piece of gear and more specific information is available here. Be careful and use your discretion when cleaning equipment.