Get Orcanized


To help you keep your kit neat, secure, and orderly, Orca Bags is offering free pouches, cable ties, and covers with selected purchases from August 15th to September 30th, 2017!

Don't Freq Out


It's an uncertain time to be in the wireless business. With the finalized results of the spectrum auction, production use of frequencies above 617 MHz will be illegal in 2020 and impractical in many markets much sooner - some mobile carriers have announced deployment in the 600 MHz band starting this month.

However, the good news is that the wireless manufacturers have been assiduously devising systems that can continue to transmit and receive clean, reliable signal under the new rules and offer the flexibility to keep you working when the rules change again.

Presenters will include:

The seminar will take place on Sunday, September 10th from 12pm-3pm EST at Gotham's NY shop in Long Island City, but will also be broadcast live on livestream and our facebook page.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The event is free, but RSVP here or on our facebook event to help us get a headcount.

Make Room for a Zoom


Get $100 off on a Zoom F8 Recorder or $50 off on a Zoom F4 Recorder with an instant rebate when you buy between now and August 31st, 2017:

Zoom F4: $649.99 $599.99

Zoom F8: $999.99 $899.99

ATL New, ATL Different


We're pleased to announce that Gotham Sound Atlanta is now open for business at our somewhat new location  - same office park at 500 Bishop St. NW, but we've expanded just around the corner into a larger space designed to better accommodate your production sound needs!

More details on the new space below the jump!

Rack 'Em Updates


Firmware update v2.33 for the Sound Devices 970 and Video Devices PIX-250i/260i/270i adds the option of Dante Sync and transport control from more devices.