Can't Stand the Rain?


The snows of winter are here and the rains of spring are coming, but never fear. Orca Bags has designed some special offers to aid the conscientious audio bag parent or guardian with 20% off on audio bag covers, camera covers, and the new production umbrella!

Offers end February 28th, 2019.

Indulge in XS


The Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital is a plug & play entry-level wireless series operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum for license-free worldwide use.

The extremely lightweight and compact plug-on transmitters and receivers are available with XLR, 1/4” TS, or 3.5mm (1/8”) connectors.

A single-button interface makes the XSW-D incredibly simple to use. Up to five systems can be operated simultaneously with Sennheiser's automatic frequency and interference management technology and the internal battery provides up to five hours of operating time.

XSW-D sets are in stock now, but initial supplies are limited, so orders will be fulfilled first-come, first served.

More details and a first look video after the jump.

Legally Distinct Deals


We've got all the cables, accessories, expendables, and problem solvers you'll need to help capture great production audio at the Big Game or elsewhere! And until February 3rd, a bunch of it is on sale:

Ghost Earmolds - Buy One, Get One Free!

Discounted products:

Code Switching


Get a 30% discount on any new Timecode Systems products when you trade-in two legacy products!

Eligible legacy units for trade-in are the WiFiMaster, MiniTX, MiniRX, MiniTRX, and MiniTRX+. Units can be returned in any working order, even non-functional.

Call or email for details, Offer ends Friday, February 15th..

Holiday Hours


We're open on Monday, December 31st so you can get those last-minute tax-deductible purchases in! Then we'll be closed Tuesday, January 1st!