Tales from the Encrypt

Tales from the Encrypt

If you need encrypted wireless for broadcast sports (or any other purpose), you've never had more options! Every one of the wireless lines below features built-in secure digital encryption to ensure your signal doesn't end up in the wrong ears.

 Vice Price Rise

'Vice Price Rise

Starting March 9th, 2020. Sound Devices is increasing prices on select recorders. Order now to lock in the current pricing!

  Current Price 3/9 Price Difference
633 $3395.00 $3575.00 $180.00
833 $3995.00 $4200.00 $205.00
888 $6995.00 $7400.00 $405.00
Scorpio $8995.00 $9500.00 $505.00
970 $4749.00 $5300.00 $551.00
MixPre-3 II $649.00 $680.00 $31.00
MixPre-6 II $849.00 $885.00 $36.00
MixPre-10 II $1399.00 $1450.00 $51.00
Bosser Nova

Bosser Nova

Zaxcom has just announced the MRX414 Digital Wireless Receiver Module for the Nova Recorder and the RX-12 and RX-12R Enclosures!

The MRX414 can receive four channels of audio from up to four transmitters using two UHF diversity receivers. It is compatible with any Zaxcom digital transmitter and with all Zaxcom modulations (Mono, Stereo, XR and ZHD). That's a total of eight channels of audio from eight transmitters in a single unit when using both slots!

The MRX414 consumes about the same power of a QRX212 with double the number of receivers and has improved receiving and dynamic ranges.

The modules can be easily added or hot-swapped as necessary. A MRX214 can be upgraded to an MRX414.
Check out the video below the jump for more details or preorder here.
 Scorpio! Scorpio! Scor-pi-OOOOO!

Scorpio! Scorpio! Scor-pi-OOOOO!

Sound Devices has just announced the Scorpio, a 32 channel, 36 track portable time code mixer-recorder with 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs, and multiple headphone outputs. 

The Scorpio can record to an internal SSD drive and two SD cards, can be controlled via Bluetooth with the new SD-REMOTE app, has bus routing, and works with the Sound Devices SL-6 with the addition of the SL-6 Riser. It is not compatible with the CL-12, but will work with the Icon Platform M+ Control Surface.

We've got a summary video and more details below the jump, but if you're sold already, it retails for $8,995 and is expected to be available second quarter 2019. Initial supply may be limited and orders will be delivered strictly first-come, first-served, so place your $500 nonrefundable pre-order now to get yours as soon as possible. It's available both as a stand-alone item or in a convenient bundle:

Up on Aaton

Up on Aaton

This month is your last chance to buy an Aaton Cantar X3 Recorder at the current pricing of $14,990 before manufacturing costs necessitate a $1000 price increase!

Got an old Cantar X1 or X2? Trade it in and save an additional $2500 towards the purchase of the X3!

Both the current pricing and the trade-in offer expire at the end of February, so buy now to lock-in the savings!

The Ticking Reblock

The Ticking Reblock

The FCC deadline on selling legacy wireless equipment is the end of September. Though you will be able to continue to use older equipment (as long as it complies with legal frequencies and power output), manufacturers will not be able to sell any components that have not been recertified by the FCC, including the components that are necessary for moving your wireless to a different frequency.

Bottom line: if you need your older Lectrosonics or Zaxcom wireless gear reblocked, make arrangements as soon as possible. 

is already booked through August and they've specified that the following gear will not be able to be reblocked after September: HH, HM, UH, UM400a, and UT. Here's our guide to Lectro reblocking pricing and which frequencies need to be changed.

Zaxcom has not created a specific list, but assume reblocking any of their discontinued wireless products is subject to the same September 30th deadline. Here's our guide to Zaxcom reblocking pricing and which frequencies need to be changed.


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