Gotta Go Up

Gotta Go Up

Lectrosonics prices will be going up on April 15th. We've included a short list of some of most significant changes below, but be prepared for an average 3% increase in price across almost everything, so lock in current pricing by ordering now!

A fuller list of changes is available here.

ProductCurrent Price4/15/19 PricePrice Change
Transmitters and Accessories
HHa Handheld Transmitter$1299$1320$21
Cardioid Condenser Capsule Head$406$419$13
HMa Wireless Plug-on Transmitter$1179$1215$36
LMB Wideband Bodypack Transmitter$829$849$20
LT Wideband Bodypack Transmitter$1229$1259$30
SMV Super Mini Transmitter$1365$1399$34
SMQV Super Mini Transmitter$1439$1479$40
SSM Micro Belt-Pack Transmitter$1459$1499$40
SMDWB Dual Battery Transmitter$1597$1639$42
SMWB Single Battery Transmitter$1459$1499$40
WM Waterproof Transmitter $1459$1499$40

Portable Digital Recorders
PDR Digital Recorder$749$769$20
SPDR Stereo Digital Recorder$1179$1219$40
XLR3F to TA5F Digital Cable$79$89$10

Portable Receivers and Accessories
LR Wideband Bodypack Receiver$1219$1249$30
Octopack Portable Multicoupler$2159$2219$60
SRc Dual Channel Slot Mount Receiver$2349$2419$70
SRc5P Dual Channel Slot Mount Receiver$2529$2599$70
SR End Plate Kit$139$149$10
SR Connector Plate$139$149$10
SR SuperSlot End Plate Kit$139$149$10
UCR411A Compact Receiver$1759$1809$50

L-Series Wireless Kits
LR/LMb Wideband Wireless Kit$2329$2399$70
LR/LT Wideband Wireless Kit$2725$2819$94
LR/HMa Wideband Wireless Kit$2529$2619$90

Rackmount Receivers and Modules
R400a Receiver$822$959$137
Venue 2 6-Channel Wideband Modular Receiver$2459$2529$70
VR Standard Receiver Module Only$600$619$19
VR Tracking Receiver Module Only$820$842$22
VRT2 Tracking Receiver Module Only$699$719$20

IFB Equipment and Components
IFBR1a Belt Pack Receiver$825$849$24
IFBR1a-VHF IFB Receiver$629$649$20
IFBT4 Base Station Transmitter$1335$1374$39
IFBT4-VHF IFB Transmitter$999$1024$25

Duet Digital IEM/IFB System
Duet M2T Digital IEM Transmitter with Dante$2335$2399$64
Duet M2T Digital IEM Transmitter$2150$2199$49
Duet M2R Digital IEM Receiver$1080$1095$15

Receiver Antennas and Related Components
ALP500 Shark Fin LPDA Antenna$295$305$10
ALP620 Shark Fin LPDA Antenna$370$385$15
Bias T Coaxial Power Inserter$250$260$10
PF50 Passive RF Filter$300$349$49
UFM144 UHF Filter/Amplifier Module$490$505$15
UFM 230 RF Amplifier$490$505$15
UHFM50 RF Amplifier$490$505$15
UMC16B UHF Multi-Coupler$1239$1279$40

Accessories for Transmitters
NP-50 Twelve Slot Battery Charger$1215$1236$21
MC35 Mic Cable$90$125$35
MC40 Mic Cable$90$125$35
MC41 Mic Cable$100$128$28
1/4" RA to TA5F Cable$112$129$17
Mute Switch$269$352$83

Accessories for Portable UHF and Digital Hybrid Receivers
1/8" TS to XLR Unbalanced Cable for UCR100$64$79$15
TA3F to XLR3M Cable$75$98$23
TA5F to XLR3M Cable$94$116$22
SR End Plate Kit$139$149$10
SR Connector Plate$139$149$10
SR Harness$172$217$45
SR SuperSlot End Plate Kit$139$149$10
SR Firmware Update Adapter$139$149$10
UMCWB UHF Multicoupler$2120$2180$60
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