Does Whatever a SPDR Can

The Lectrosonics SPDR is a small, lightweight dual channel recorder with time code. It captures full stereo audio for sports, cars, or other situations where a wireless system would be impractical.

The SPDR retails for $1179 and starts shipping immediately. Initial supplies may be limited, so distribution will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Order yours now or keep reading for more details and use case scenarios!

The ability to feed two mics into a single compact time code recorder makes it ideal for double miking a person that needs redundancy or as a plant mic in a car or hidden camera scenario. 

The SPDR can act as a two channel time code backup out of your primary recorder for situations where backup is required, such as the NFL.

It can even be used as a super-small standalone field recorder kit with any combination of wireless receivers, dynamic, or battery powered microphones plugged directly into it.

The 5-pin Lemo time code input allows a simple momentary jam. The high accuracy oscillator allows free running precision better than 1 ppm for long recording days.

Offering the same high definition display as the PDR, the SPDR keypad has a tactile feedback riser on the record button for easy eyes-off recording startup. Dweedle tone commands allow easy start and stop using the PDRRemote app.The standard TA5M inputs accept analog mic or line level signal. An AES3 digital input is also available with use of a cable like the MCAES3.

The SPDR has an external power input with internal battery switchover, allowing all day recording from your bag battery with an immediate fall back to the internal batteries should there be an external power loss.

A 32GB memory card allows almost 30 hours of recording time at the 48kHz sample rate.

A high-quality headphone output is provided for playback and monitoring.

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