Frequently Asked Questions

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As per our Used Gear Policy, all gear sold must be shipped to Gotham Sound within 3 business days at the seller's expense. When the gear arrives, our trained technicians check over every piece in detail to assure quality and functionality. Any gear determined to be malfunctioning or not as described or pictured is returned to the seller at the seller's expense. The listing will be removed from our site at Gotham Sound's discretion.
As per our Used Gear Policy, the buyer has 3 business days from receipt to return the gear for a full refund. After 3 business days from receipt all Used Gear is considered sold AS IS. Gotham Sound will never, under any circumstances, cover the cost of repair for Used Gear after it reaches the buyer.
Used gear is subject to New York State sales tax when sold and shipped within New York State.
All used gear can be shipped to any country at the buyer's expense, subject to local regulations. We can not estimate any applicable customs fees, VAT, or import duties.
We do not. At Gotham, we specialize in location sound recording for film and television, so this type of gear (specifically turntables, DJ mixers, CD decks, etc.) lies a bit outside our area of expertise. There is some overlap, of course, and some of our speakers can be useful for this kind of application, but you may be best going to someone who rents DJ gear specifically -- such as <a href="">Rock And Soul</a>.