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  • 3/12/2015: Beginning in May 2015, Lectrosonics is offering upgrades to any SR Series receiver to enable remote control compatibility with the SuperSlot found in the Sound Devices SL-6! More info here.
  • 3/23/2014: Technical service repair is no longer available for Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G2 due to the unavailability of electronic components. Cosmetic parts such as cups, baskets, antennas, and handles are still available for order by calling Sennheiser at (860)-434-9190 and dialing extension 3. If you own a G2 product that requires repair, please call their Customer Service Center at (860) 434-9190, extension 2 to upgrade to G3. You can also call Gotham at (212) 629-9430 and we'll help you out.

  • Lectrosonics has extended the warranty for any WM Tx under serial number 200. Later batches have added extra moisture absorption in the battery compartment as well as a Gortex vent opposite the display. They will service or replace units from the first 200 run. 

  • We regret that Gotham will no longer be servicing Fostex machines or accepting Fostex related repairs. We encourage anyone with Fostex service related issues to contact Fostex factory trained service tech Mike Van Tine. He can be reached directly at [email protected] or 973-980-2621.