Make your SR a SuperSlot Machine

Beginning in May, Lectrosonics is offering upgrades to any SR Series receiver to enable remote control compatibility with the SuperSlot found in the Sound Devices SL-6! Here's the announcement:

Recently, the fine folks at Sound Devices announced their new mixer with the SuperSlot feature.   The Superslot SL-6 accessory allows docking an SR series slot receiver with the mixer and, with the appropriate upgrades, can even be controlled through the mixer's interface.  Audio pathways, RF multicoupler, power and control are all provided via the SL-6 to the 688 mixer. The SL-6 can hold/control three dual channel receivers.

All Lectrosonics SR series receivers can be upgraded to allow the control capabilities. 

IMPORTANT!  ALL SR series receivers can and will work with the SuperSlot without remote control as is.  They will provide two channels of audio and receive power and RF from the SuperSlot. The upgrades are only required if the remote control capability is desired.  

If the unit is an SR or SRA, SRA/5P, it will need to be converted to an SRB with an SRSuper endplate.  The RF, Audio boards and end plate will be replaced. Basically, all that remains of the original unit original is the top plate and the outer shell. The cost is $1007.00 plus shipping and taxes (if applicable).  The returned unit will be a full SRB conversion with Superslot control capability. The original end plate sent in with the unit will be returned (if one was included).

If the unit is an SRB or SRB5P, the cost for conversion will be $535 plus shipping and taxes (if applicable) and will include an new audio board, complete system checkup and new SRSUPER end plate.

As with all upgrades, both service levels will include a complete receiver checkup, calibration and any applicable firmware/hardware updates applied.

The upgrade is a factory only upgrade.  You can contact the Lectrosonics' customer service department at [email protected] or 1-800-821-1121 for a repair order number and shipping instructions or you can bring your receivers into Gotham and we'll take care of it for a nominal shipping and handling charge. The conversion service is planned to begin on May 1, 2015.

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