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Announcing two new products from Sound Devices: the A20-Tx Digital Wireless Transmitter and A20-Nexus Go!

  • Tuning range includes UHF and VHF frequencies
  • Remote controllable via A20-Remote app and A20-Nexus
  • 100% digital long-range modulation with long transmission range
  • RF Power output from 2 mW to 40 mW
  • Built-in ultra-stable time code, auto jammable via wireless NexLink
  • Up to 12 hour battery runtime
  • Runs on standard or rechargeable lithium AA batteries
  • Built-in battery charger via USB-C
  • Same excellent balanced mic preamp as 8-series recorders
  • Built-in 32-bit float, 48 kHz recorder with removable micro-SD card (Please note that transmit and record mode cannot be engaged simultaneously)
  • Lemo input supports 2-wire or 3-wire mono lav, balanced mic, switchable 12/48V phantom, balanced line-level, AES3, AES42 (compatible with Schoeps SuperCMIT), and guitar (w/ optional Smart Guitar Cable, coming soon) 
  • A20-Tx Switch user-programmable bayonet switch, magnetically sensed and physically removable (sold separately)

Shipping is expected to start next week. Initial supply may be limited, so order now for earliest possible delivery.

A20-Tx Digital Transmitter $2450
A20-Tx Switch $154
A20-Tx Transmitter Boom Mounting Plate $68
Astral Sleeve Neoprene Pouch $30

  • Four ultra-high-performance channels
  • Expandable to 6 or 8 channels via software license
  • Integrated NexLink long distance remote control and time code sync of all wireless transmitters
  • 169 MHz – 1525 MHz tuning range
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer and automatic deployment of clean frequencies
  • Flexible powering via DC input, 8-Series, or AC mains (with optional adapter)
  • DB-25 connector for 8 channels of mic, line, or AES outputs
  • Supports GainForward to adjust transmitter gain at the receiver or mixer
  • Multiple A20-Nexus Go units can be cascaded
Shipping is expected to start next week. Initial supply may be limited, so order now for earliest possible delivery.

A20-Nexus Go  $8495

 Vice Price Rise

'Vice Price Rise

Starting March 9th, 2020. Sound Devices is increasing prices on select recorders. Order now to lock in the current pricing!

  Current Price 3/9 Price Difference
633 $3395.00 $3575.00 $180.00
833 $3995.00 $4200.00 $205.00
888 $6995.00 $7400.00 $405.00
Scorpio $8995.00 $9500.00 $505.00
970 $4749.00 $5300.00 $551.00
MixPre-3 II $649.00 $680.00 $31.00
MixPre-6 II $849.00 $885.00 $36.00
MixPre-10 II $1399.00 $1450.00 $51.00
Crazy 888s

Crazy 888s

The Sound Devices 888 is a portable mixer-recorder with eight ultra low-noise 8-Series microphone preamplifiers on eight analog inputs, 16 channels of Dante I/O, and 20 total tracks.

Fully routable inputs, multiple powering methods, a remote control app, and support for multiple USB control surfaces make it easy to tailor the 888 to your workflow in a bag or on a cart.

  • 8 analog input channels - four XLR, four TA3

  • 16 channels via Dante I/O

  • 2" x 10" x 7.3"

  • 10 buses, 20 tracks

  • 8 analog outputs

  • Ultra-accurate time code

  • 256 GB internal SSD

  • 2 SD card slots

  • SD-Remote app-controllable

  • Linear fader control 

  • Dugan or MixAssist Automixing for up to 16 channels

Many features are carried over from the Scorpio, such as the redesigned 8-Series preamplifiers, dual SD card slots, internal 256GB SSD, and dual L-Mount battery charging and powering. Alternatively, power your 888 using a smart battery, NP-1 battery, or an in-line power supply via its TA4 DC input.

The ultra-accurate, fully-featured time code generator contains its own battery to hold time code for up to four hours after power off.

A built-in three band EQ may be set to either pre- or post-fade for each channel to tackle any problems directly on-set.

The User Guide is available here.

The 888 is expected to start shipping next week, but initial stock may be limited, so get your pre-orders in now for earliest possible delivery!

Comparison chart for the 883, 888, and Scorpio under the jump.

Eight Inputs No Waiting

Eight Inputs No Waiting

The new Sound Devices 833 is a lightweight and compact production mixer-recorder. It features eight input channels - three via XLR, three via TA3, and the final two through the 1/8" input return.

The 833 offers six full-featured microphone preamplifiers,12 tracks of recording, six analog outputs, and an ultra-accurate time code generator. Features from the Scorpio recorder are also incorporated, including a new preamplifier design, dual SD card slots, internal 256 GB SSD storage, dual L-Mount powering and charging, and Dugan Automixing with up to eight channels in two separate groups mixed simultaneously.

Additionally, the 833 shares the same powerful processing and FPGA architecture as the Scorpio for complex signal routing, control, and signal processing. Any physical input can be routed to any track and the built-in three band EQ per input channel can be applied either pre- or post-fade. The 833 features both digital and analog inputs and outputs, has multiple powering options, and is compatible with the Icon Platform M+ Control Surface.

The User Guide is available here.

The 833 starts to ship next week, but initial stock may be limited, so get your pre-orders in now for earliest possible delivery:

MixPre II: Mix Harder

MixPre II: Mix Harder

Update,9/3: The initial production batch has been sold through. We are anticipating the next units to start arriving at the end of September and will distribute them on a first-come, first-served basis to customers with pre-orders.

The Sound Devices MixPre II series is here with improved hardware and a whole passel of great new features, including 32-bit float recording. They also have all the capabilities of the original MixPre recorder series at the same or lower price!

New features available in all models of the MixPre II include:

  • Bit depth up to 32-bit float for increased 142 dB dynamic range
    (more info and samples)
  • Internal LTC time code generation and output
  • 192 kHz recording
  • Adjustable limiters
  • Auto-copy to USB drive
  • 10 second pre-roll buffer

The combination of the bit depth and low noise Kashmir mic preamps give you the flexibility to fix signal in post-production. Tracks recorded either too low (down to -50dBFS) or high can be normalized without adding any additional noise or digital clipping distortion. The limiting factor to great recordings is primarily the input source, not the preamps or A to D converters in the recorder.

They're starting to ship, so get your orders in now for earliest possible delivery:

Comparison chart under the jump.

 Scorpio! Scorpio! Scor-pi-OOOOO!

Scorpio! Scorpio! Scor-pi-OOOOO!

Sound Devices has just announced the Scorpio, a 32 channel, 36 track portable time code mixer-recorder with 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs, and multiple headphone outputs. 

The Scorpio can record to an internal SSD drive and two SD cards, can be controlled via Bluetooth with the new SD-REMOTE app, has bus routing, and works with the Sound Devices SL-6 with the addition of the SL-6 Riser. It is not compatible with the CL-12, but will work with the Icon Platform M+ Control Surface.

We've got a summary video and more details below the jump, but if you're sold already, it retails for $8,995 and is expected to be available second quarter 2019. Initial supply may be limited and orders will be delivered strictly first-come, first-served, so place your $500 nonrefundable pre-order now to get yours as soon as possible. It's available both as a stand-alone item or in a convenient bundle:

Dial M For Music

Dial M For Music

The Sound Devices MixPre-10M is a ten-input/twelve track recorder especially designed for musicians.

In addition to most of the same great features as the rest of the MixPre recorder line (excluding time code), it features the ability to simultaneously record, playback, mix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks with a bounce feature to free up additional tracks. Other features include vintage reverb and vocal air effects, metronome, punch in and out, and the ability to insert and locate to cue points.

The MixPre-10M retails for $1499 and will be available in late March. Pre-order yours today!

A separately sold plug-in will be available in May 2018 to add the additional features to a MixPre-3, 6, or 10T.

Rack  Em Updates

Rack 'Em Updates

Firmware update v2.33 for the Sound Devices 970 and Video Devices PIX-250i/260i/270i adds the option of Dante Sync and transport control from more devices.



Sound Devices has just announced two new time code recorders: the MixPre-3 and the MixPre-6! They feature new Kashmir microphone preamps from Sound Devices and mixer and USB interface functions, including the ability to record and stream via USB simultaneously.

The MixPre-6 ($899) features eight tracks with four TRS/XLR combo inputs with 48V phantom power. The MixPre-3 ($649) has five tracks with three XLR inputs with 48V phantom power. Sound Devices has provided this handy comparison chart (pdf) between the two.

They're expected to begin shipping in mid-May, but initial supplies may be limited and we'll be fulfilling them first come, first served, so pre-order now!


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