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Get an incredible sound kit at an affordable price! Any purchase over $10,000 is eligible for monthly financing through our partners at AbelCine! We'll help you put together the custom gear list of your dreams!

Order before the end of the year for maximum tax benefit - U.S. tax code section 179 allows a deduction up to $25,000 for qualifying audio equipment!

A $15,000 kit is only $324/month over 60 months for qualified customers (or $388/month for 48 months, $491/month for 36 months, or $708/month for 24 months - whatever suits your needs best!)

Ready to get started? Contact us to get a quote today or check out the financing terms and application here. Any financial information is confidential between you and AbelCine Finance Services. First and last month’s payment due in advance. $1 buyout option at end of term.

Need some kit suggestions? We've suspiciously conveniently put together some:

Sound Devices 633 Small Bag Kit
$221/month for 60 months

  • (2) Lectrosonics LR/LMb Wireless Systems
  • (3) Sanken 1.8 COS-11D Black Lavaliers
  • (1) Orca Or-30 Audio Bag
  • (1) Orca Or-40 Harness
  • Power supplies, headphones, cables, and accessories.

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QL1 PIX 970 Multitracking Kit
$328/month for 60 months

  • Yamaha QL1 Mixer
  • Sound Devices PIX 970 Audio Recorder/Player
  • (3) PIX-SSD6 256GB Solid State Drives
  • Rack Mounts
  • Calzone Escort Series Case

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Sound Devices 664 Small Bag Kit
$331/month for 60 months

  • (2) Lectrosonics SRB Dual Channel Rx 
  • (4) Lectrosonics Super Mini Tx
  • (1) Lectrosonics Quadpack Power/Audio Interface
  • (1) Orca OR-30 Audio Bag
  • Batteries and power supplies
  • Your choice of $200 worth of accessories, headphones, and cables.

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Zaxcom Nomad 10
Starter Small Bag Kit

$331/month for 60 months

  • (2) Zaxcom QRX200 Rx, Blk 20-26 (Your choice of block) 
  • (4) Zaxcom TRXLT2.5 Tx, Blk 20-23 (Your choice of block)
  • (1) OR-30 Orca Audio Bag 
  • Power supplies, cables, and more

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Sound Devices 664 Large Bag Reality TV Kit
$791/month for 60 months

  • (6) WisyCom Transmitters
  • (6) WisyCom Receivers
  • K-Tek Boom Pole w/ Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mic
  • Orca Audio Bag
  • Lectrosonics IFB Tx & Rx
  • Power supplies, cables, and more

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Gotham Sound Atlanta Now Open Saturdays

This is not the aforementioned t-shirt.
To see that, you'll have to come in Saturday!

We know everyone is still a little sad that there's no such thing as Saturday morning cartoons anymore, but never fear - Gotham Sound Atlanta is here to fill the yawning void! Starting this week, the Atlanta shop will be open Saturdays from 10am to 5pm for all your southern-inflected audio needs! To celebrate, we'll be giving away t-shirts this first weekend, so be sure to drop by on November 15th!

Gotham Sound Atlanta will be closed Saturday, November 29th and Saturday, December 27th for the holidays, but, beyond that, we'll be here for you six days a week (even if you're not in Atlanta!)

Martin Kelly, R.I.P.

We were saddened to hear that Marty Kelly passed away last night. He was always a pleasure to work with and a constant innovator; his contributions to on-set workflow will continue to benefit the industries for years to come.

A memorial will be held for Marty Kelly this Sunday, September 28th from 12-3pm at Brooklyn Bridge Park. All are welcome.

There will be a gathering after the memorial at Cowgirl Seahorse at 259 Front St.

Email Problems

Some of our outbound emails to addresses apparently did not go through today. If you were expecting an email from us today and did not receive one, please email at any point or call us tomorrow. The problem should be resolved by then.

Dan in Reality Life

Provided courtesy of DPA Microphones
Above: Daniel McCoy booming Kesha on the set of Rising Star.

LOS ANGELES, JULY 8, 2014 – When Daniel S. McCoy, CAS, scored the sound supervisor role for ABC’s new live results singing show, Rising Star, he knew he would need an innovative miking solution to support the performances. In addition to his tried-and-trusted d:dicate™ 4017 Shotgun Mic from DPA Microphones, McCoy also relies on his new DPA d:screet™ 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Mics with Wisycom wideband transmitters and receivers.

With behind-the-scenes competitor interviews, commentary from host Josh Groban and mentoring from the likes of Ludacris, Kesha and Brad Paisley, Rising Star incorporates significant moments of dialogue in addition to the performances. In order to account for the show’s various ENG and reality needs, McCoy simultaneously uses the d:dicate 4017 and d:screet 4061s to give the post production team the ultimate choice in audio dynamics.

Using the d:screet 4061s with the Wisycom transmitters is a first for McCoy, a long-time enthusiast of DPA Microphones. New York-based Gotham Sound supplied the one dozen d:screets and beltpacks for Rising Star. McCoy chose the d:screet 4061 because it has a lower sensitivity and can handle 144dB SPL, which allows him to avoid distortion on the powerful singing voices. In addition, post requires vibrant-sounding mics that can be concealed, and DPA was the perfect solution.

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