Firework It

Gotham Sound NY will be closed Monday, July 3rd and Gotham Sound Atlanta will be open from 10am-3pm. Both locations will be closed Tuesday, July 4th .

Have fun, be safe, and remember you need the majority of your fingers to mix.

RF Spectrum April 2017 Update

The long-running FCC spectrum auction finally ended bidding last week. It won't officially close for a few weeks, but this milestone does finalize some of the details vital to wireless microphone users:

What's changing about the available frequencies?

470-608 MHz will remain open to wireless microphone users; 609-698 MHz will no longer be available. The 90 MHz loss is obviously not great, but this is a relatively good result - a much larger section of spectrum was on the offering block.

What does the transition period look like?

Starting soon, there's a thirty-nine month period for the change over, so we're looking at the sold frequencies being totally unavailable sometime in early 2020. That said, the new owners will be testing equipment with transmissions in the 609-698 MHz range during the transition period, so you may find increasing amounts of interference in those frequencies.

Things might also be changing in the 470-608 MHz bands since part of the transition involves 'repacking' television stations (i.e. moving channel assignments) within the entire spectrum, so you might find formerly good blocks occupied.

Long story short, extra diligence and preparation when working with any wireless equipment will be warranted.
More info about futureproofing your equipment and protecting yourself after the jump.

Expo Yourself

Or "NAB AND AES are too far away this year"

There's nothing quite like being able to hold the product in your own hot little hands and make angry demands of respectfully rap with the manufacturer. If you'll be in the New Yotk area, clear your calendar for Saturday, May 14th and come on down to the Gotham Sound Expo!

In addition to food, giveaways, and a kickin' after-party,  we'll have manufacturer reps and demos in shop from:

It all starts at 11am at Gotham's shop in Long Island City and goes to 3pm, when we move to the after-party (Think of it as the New York Mixer Mixer) which will go until a time I believe can only be accurately denoted with six consecutive question marks.

More details to come, but if you're already sold, you can RSVP here to help us get a headcount!


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