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Okay, so you probably know fashion shows better than we do (though not for lack of trying), but we do know a little bit about the audio and communications equipment you rely on to make the runway run. Give us a call at 212-629-9430, shoot us an email at [email protected], or check out our online rental inventory and let us know how we can help make your show a success.

The prices below the jump are only guidelines - we're always happy to work with your budget on a custom package!


Make sure everyone can hear the who and why of what models are wearing with a set of potent JBL EON speakers! They start at just $75/day for each and include a speaker stand. If you need less power but more flexibility, ask about our battery powered options!

Portable Wireless Access

Starting at $75 per day, we can provide a plug-and-play broadband wireless access point for great WiFi service anywhere you can get a cell phone signal. The rental now also includes UNLIMITED data at no additional cost!

Walkie Talkies

Our powerful and reliable 16-channel Motorola radios keep your entire team in communication with each other, no matter where they are in the venue. Starting at $10/each per day, rental includes surveillance, extra batteries, and chargers.


Intercom Systems

​For more control over your communication, intercom systems can provide party lines or hands-free operation.  Packages start at $150 for a four beltpack hardwired system with all necessary headsets and accessories provided. Ask about additional belt packs, wireless systems, or a custom configuration to fit your needs!
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