• GSTC: Lectrosonics SMWB First Look


    Nick Huston unboxes a SMDWB transmitter and puts it through its paces.

  • Get Your Freq On Seminar


    The seminar on navigating the spectrum upheaval as a wireless mic operator.

  • GSTV: Zoom F4


    Nick Huston reviews the features of the upcoming Zoom F4 mixer/recorder.

  • GSTV: Sound Devices Wingman Connect


    Peter Schneider demos Sound Devices' new Wingman iOS remote control app for 6-series recorders

  • GSTV: Cedar DNS 2


    Peter Schneider tests the Cedar DNS 2 Noise Suppressor against recordings from Times Square.

  • GSTV: Battle of the Automixers


    Peter Schneider and Nick Huston try out the Automix settings on the Yamaha QL-1 (Dugan), Sound Devices 688 (Dugan & MixAssist), and the Zaxcom Nomad (Auto-Mix) and compare them to a human mixer's take on a complicated scene.

  • A Confederacy of Redundencies


    Peter Schneider ruminates on finding the right back up solution for your workflow.

  • GSTV: Off Mic with Charles Hunt


    Sound mixer Charles Hunt about the audio gear on his cart and his experiences on a long list of feature films, documentaries, and dramatic shows.

  • First Look: Tentacle Sync


    Nick Huston unboxes the brand new Tentacle Time Code Generator and demos some of its basic features!