First Look: Tentacle Sync


Nick Huston unboxes the brand new Tentacle Time Code Generator and demos some of its basic features! 

Zoom F8 Stream

Peter Schneider kicks off our regular stream with the Zoom F8.

Quick Look: Sound Devices 663


Dan Joseph takes a quick look at the brand-new Sound Devices 663.

First Look: Shure UA874US Antenna


Peter Schneider illuminates the utility of Shure's new active sharkfin antenna with switchable gain,  attenuation, and overload LED.

First Look: Audio Ltd. Envoy En2 Lands at Gotham


Natalie Lowe takes the Audio Ltd. Envoy EN2 wireless system out for a spin. How'd it perform? Inquire within!

First Look: Betso SBOX-1


The Betso SBOX-1 Time Code Generator is on its way. How does it stack up against the rest of the field? See Justin F. Valis's review!

First Look: Roland R-88


The demo unit for the Roland R-88 is here! Stop by the store and explore its mysteries for yourself!                            

Sound Devices PIX 260i Unboxing


The PIX 260i demo is here at Gotham! Stop by and see it!

First Look: Petrol PS617 Deca Lightweight Audio Bag


The PS617. Petrol's first bag specially designed for use with Sound Devices 664 and CL-6 is here! Sound mixer Tom Craca was kind enough to take one out for a spin. How did it hold up? Inquire within!

First Look: Sound Devices 664 Field Mixer Recorder


Sound mixer Jesse Flower-Ambroch took the brand-new 664 out for a spin. How'd it perform? Inquire within to find out

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