First Look: Audio Ltd. Envoy En2 Lands at Gotham

Audio Ltd.'s newest Envoy system, the En2, reveals the next generation in their already infamous line of sleek, compact transmitters and versatile receivers. The DX2, listing at 2869.00, is a true diversity two channel receiver with a brilliant blue OLED screen. It opens with a look at both frequencies and a quick flip of the mod wheel on top left or right shows channel one or two. I discovered I can tune the DX2 to any available frequency in .25 increments, but the miniTX has 24 preset channels hard programmed, so one needs to learn what they are and scan for the best option (The standard TXPH Belt Pack TX can be programmed in .25 increments). I personally like that the RF scan function is super fast. Both units span a full 40 MHz of switching bandwidth.

At 50mW output, the miniTX is ideal for complex RF situations when it is clarity, not distance, you seek. Listing at $1569.00 this TX is completely controlled by the SwitchiR (which needs to be pretty close) to tune Frequency, Audio Level of TX or DX, LF Cut, Battery of TX or DX and Internal Battery of the SwitchiR. Also programmed in is the serial number, user ID, a 9 volt battery tester, and the ability to disable the iR sensor and turn the transmitter off.

The DX2 is powered by two AA's or hirose 4-pin. The miniTX takes 2 AAA's. The lavalier is wired 3-pin Lemo or special order 4-pin Lemo which senses power and will kill the transmitter when the lav is unplugged.

On a beautiful sunny day outside of our west 38th street showroom in New York City, I pitted the the En2 against the Lectrosonics SMQV (set to 50mw) and UCR411a on close frequencies. I found the Audio Ltd. held up against (but did not beat) the Lectro, with both showing hits as I peered into the parking garage next door.

Not included in this kit, but co-released are the TXPH with switchable 50/100 mW output listing at $1383.00 and the CX2 for Panasonic or Sony cameras coming in at $2999.00.

Contact Gotham for a free demo of our Audio Ltd. wireless, subject to availability.

- Natalie Lowe

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