GSTV: Off Mic with Charles Hunt


Sound mixer Charles Hunt about the audio gear on his cart and his experiences on a long list of feature films, documentaries, and dramatic shows.

GSTV: Off Mic with Danna Feintuch


Danna Feintuch, a sound mixer with a long list of reality shows to her name, including SURVIVOR, THE APPRENTICE, and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY on why SURVIVOR is the realest reality show and how to (sometimes) save a transmitter from salt water.

Bagging Rites 2014: PortaBrace


Adam Butler talks about the new things at PortaBrace including the AO Audio Organizer Bags and Heavy Duty Harnesses.

Let the Sonnenschein In


David Sonnenschein is a fascinating sound designer, musician, filmmaker, and neuroscientist and now he's branched out to game designing. What's that got to do with audio? Read on to find out!

Sound Inking


Gotham provided system design, installation services, frequency coordination and equipment rental for Spike TV's Ink Master.  Check out this publicity piece from Lectrosonics and, if you're in the market for a slick solution to your mammoth audio job, give us a call or email to discuss your show's requirements.

Better Know a Gothamite: Sal Barra


Have you ever wondered what motivates a particular staff member at Gotham to strive so hard to bring you the very best in audio solutions? Then you're going to love this brand new series of casual interviews! First up: the man who puts the "sal" in "sales", Sal Barra!

Jeff Pullman on Rachel Getting Married


Chris Newman speaks with Jeff Pullman in depth about the challenges of sound mixing Rachel Getting Married.

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