• NAB 2014 - JoeCo


    JoeCo's Joe Bull shows their new 24 MixPreamp multi-track recorder to Gotham's Sal Barra....

  • NAB 2014 - Radio Active Designs


    James Stoffo, of Radio Active Designs, updates us on the status of their new VHF Intercom (shipping soon), as well as the state of the wireless spectrum for the entertainment industry.

  • NAB 2014 - Professional Sound Corp


    PSC's Ron Meyer describes their design philosophy, and their new Solice Mini audio mixer, to Natalie Lowe....

  • NAB 2014 - Wisycom


    WisyCom's Massimo Polo describes the benefits of their wireless microphone products and their availability in the United States, to Gotham's Natalie Lowe....

  • NAB 2014 - Redding


    Redding Audio's Scott Boland describes the new Rycote Super-Shield and Super-Softie to Gotham's Natalie Lowe....

  • NAB 2014 - Ambient Recording


    Take a tour of Ambient's new ACN-LS Time Code Slate, ACN-ML Master Lockit Box, ACN-BT Beetle Bluetooth Dongle, as well as the LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps....

  • NAB 2014 - Zaxcom


    Glenn Sanders shows off the new RX-12 12-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver, the Nomad Fader Panel, and the Micplexer....

  • NAB 2014 - Timecode Systems


    Timecode Systems's Paul Scurrell demonstrates the new Denecke TS-TCB Time Code Slate, with integrated Timecode Buddy features, to Paul Padilla...

  • NAB 2014 - JuicedLink


    Natalie Lowe gets the story of the Little DARling miniature recorder from JuicedLink's veteran NAB'er, Robert Rozak. How veteran? You'll have to watch to find out!....