• GSTV: DPA Microphones


    Natalie Lowe and Dan Joseph explore DPA Microphones' new Slim lavaliers, the 4017B Shotgun and 4018C Condensed Supercardiod Microphone, the swappable Microdot lavalier adapters, the 4098 Supercardioid Podium Mic and the rest of the DPA line, plus a Slim miking demo from Peter Schneider....

  • Boom Pole to Pelican Case Conversion Chart


    Wondering if your boom pole will fit into your Pelican case? Find out with our handy chart!

  • Zoom F8 Stream

    Peter Schneider kicks off our regular stream with the Zoom F8.
  • Recorder Comparison Chart


    What do the contemporary audio recorders of August 2015 look like side by side? Find out on our handy chart!

  • Roger Phenix on B.B. King


    In the wake of B.B. King's death, sound mixer Roger Phenix, who has worked on a number of documentary projects involving King, was kind enough to share some of his thoughts and experiences....

  • NAB 2015 - Sound Guys Solutions


    Sound Guys Solutions' Gene Martin talks about their latest cart products, including the tabletop model....

  • NAB 2015 - Ambient Beetle


    Ambient's Klaus Grosser and Danny Michael talk candidly about the difference between the Ambient ACN-BT and the Sound Devices CL-WiFi...

  • NAB 2015 - Ambient WiFi Master Lockit


    Ambient's Klaus Grosser and Jim Koomar discuss their new Ambient WiFi Master Lockit with Danny Michael...

  • NAB 2015 - Ambient ACN-LS Slate


    Ambient's Klaus Grosser talks with Danny Michael about their ACN-LS time code slate....