• GSTV: Battle of the Automixers


    Peter Schneider and Nick Huston try out the Automix settings on the Yamaha QL-1 (Dugan), Sound Devices 688 (Dugan & MixAssist), and the Zaxcom Nomad (Auto-Mix) and compare them to a human mixer's take on a complicated scene....

  • A Confederacy of Redundencies


    Peter Schneider ruminates on finding the right back up solution for your workflow.

  • GSTV: Off Mic with Charles Hunt


    Sound mixer Charles Hunt about the audio gear on his cart and his experiences on a long list of feature films, documentaries, and dramatic shows.

  • First Look: Tentacle Sync


    Nick Huston unboxes the brand new Tentacle Time Code Generator and demos some of its basic features! ...

  • GSTV: Betso with Jan Zastera


    Jan Zastera joined us to discuss Betso's impressively built and designed wireless and time code solutions, including the upcoming TCX-2 time code transceiver!...

  • GSTV: Off Mic with Danna Feintuch


    Danna Feintuch, a sound mixer with a long list of reality shows to her name, including SURVIVOR, THE APPRENTICE, and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY on why SURVIVOR is the realest reality show and how to (sometimes) save a transmitter from salt water.

  • GSTV: Lectrosonics with Karl Winkler


    Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics joins us to talk about the new Venue 2 system, Wireless Designer, VHF IFB system, and HMa wideband plug-in transmitter, as well as the latest developments with the FCC spectrum auction and how to plan your wireless for the future....

  • GSTV: Off Mic with Dave Schwartz


    Narrative sound mixer Dave Schwartz kicks off our 2016 livestream season with a new feature all about talking shop with sound crew. 

  • GSTV: The Wonderful World of Wind Protection


    Nick Huston, aided by a wind machine, takes us on a tour of windscreens, fuzzies, zeppelins, and lav covers from Rycote, Cinela, K-Tek, LMC, Remote Audio, and Bubblebee in some hands-on, albeit non-scientific, testing.