• NAB 2015 - Timecode Systems

    Timecode System's Paul Scurell discusses the new Timecode Buddy :wave and the latest about the Denecke TS-TCB slate and mini TRX.
  • NAB 2015 - Lectrosonics


    Lectrosonics' Karl Winkler talks to Danny Michael about the SSM transmitter....

  • NAB 2015 Preview - Zaxcom Deva Thirty-Two


    Peter Schneider paid a visit to Zaxcom last week to find out about the Deva Thirty-Two, Oasis, and Nomad Touch from Glenn Sanders and Jack Norflus! Check out the videos and Peter's write-up for more details,...

  • Zaxcom RX-12 Sneak Preview


    Zaxcom's Glenn Sanders offers a sneak preview of the new RX-12 Digital Wireless Receiver!...

  • Zaxcom MixPlexer 2

    Glenn Sanders takes us through the new MicPlexer 2 RF Distribution Amplifier (now shipping!)
  • Bagging Rites 2014: PortaBrace


    Adam Butler talks about the new things at PortaBrace including the AO Audio Organizer Bags and Heavy Duty Harnesses.

  • NAB 2014 - K-Tek


    The inimitable Dave Fisk shows off K-Tek's new Stingray 2 audio bag, harness, and waistband, then turns the camera on Peter Schneider....

  • NAB 2014 - Lectrosonics


    Lectrosonics's Karl Winkler explains the new Digital Secure Wireless and LMB, LT and LR wireless systems, as well as the Duopack SR housing, to Natalie Lowe....

  • NAB 2014 - Yamaha


    Yamaha's Kevin Kimmel shows us their new QL series of mixers, and outlines some of the differences between the QL and CL series to Gotham's own Sal Barra....