Spice Up Your Zax Life

Zaxcom showed up at NAB with a whole spate of great new products expanding the capability of their existing line!

First off we have the new members of the ZMT3 family! Same tiny form factors with all the recording and ZaxNet features of the original ZMT3, but the ZMT3-Phantom Transmitter adds selectable phantom powering for a transmitter you can easily add to the shotgun end of your boom pole and the ZMT3-HM Plug-in Transmitter makes your microphone into a incredibly small handheld unit! Note: the video erroneously says that the ZMT3-Phantom and ZMT3-HM have Neverclip. Please be aware that this is not the case.

Then there's the ZFR400, Zaxcom's next generation of their Bodypack Audio Recorders! This go-round it's built into the same compact frame as the ZMT3 for their smallest version yet, It retails for $975 and will be shipping mid-May

The RX-12R Digital Wireless Rack Receiver takes everything in the RX-12 receiver box and repacks it for a wideband receiver with a full tuning range of 512 – 698 MHz and a 35 MHz tracking front end filter in a convenient 1.5 rack mount frame. It retails for $2995 and will ship early June.

And last, but certainly not least, there's the Deva 24 Recorder, which will start shipping in July, price TBA! It's got an intuitive touchscreen interface, ZaxNet integration, MixAhead, and a lot more, all in a compact frame with a detachable front panel for a super versatile set-up that was worth the wait!

Think Small

The Zaxcom ZMT3 miniature wideband transmitter is extremely lightweight and compact, measuring approximately  1.5" x 2.3" x 0.5" (about the size of a Zippo lighter) and weighing in at 2.2 oz (with battery)! 

Despite its incredibly low profile, it requires almost no compromises, sharing most of the features of its larger siblings, including built-in backup recording with time code, NeverClip, and Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation. (Here's a handy ZHD transmitter comparison chart)

New to the ZMT is the capibility to output audio or time code for jamming through the mic connector, an A-D converter with a 108 dB dynamic range (~5dB wider than previous models), and a removable screw on top to allow for mounting or hanging. A standard rechargable Fuji NP-50 or compatible battery will power the unit for up to five and a half hours

The ZMT is priced at $1775 and expected to start soon, so get those pre-orders in now - initial supply will be limited and fulfillment will be first come, first served!

In the meantime, check out Glenn Sanders and Peter Schneider going super-deep on the ZMT's feature set:

Seriously, he's going to break his ankle if he keeps tripping on the stands

We're overstocked on these items, so take pity on our warehouse guy and get 'em our of here, eh? And if that doesn't move you, we've even discounted them! But hurry - when they're gone, they're gone!

New on the IFB Most Wanted List

The Zaxcom TRXFB IFB/Bodypack Transceiver is now available! It's a wideband transmitter featuring the Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation and built-in recording with time code, ZaxNet remote control, and 100% digital transmission.

The TRXFB transmits audio via UHF and receives an IFB audio feed over ZaxNet’s 2.4 GHz signal at the same time, replacing the need for talent to wear both a wireless microphone pack and an IFB receiver. It also has a Quality Control signal and headphone out, so you can check the mic while still with the talent.

Get more details and order yours here or check out the demo Glenn Sanders gave when the unit was still in the prototype phase:

Sale On, Saler

Sales and special offers abound in the summer months - here's a rundown of the currently active. Order from our website for FREE 2-day shipping to the continental US on all orders over $100 and a free beverage koozie (while supplies last!)



Zaxcom is offering some spectacular deals for the duration of August! Get $500 off the Oasis or a FREE ERX3TCD or IFB200! Full details here.

Get added flexibility in your kit at a great price when you reserve a qualifying rental package for pick-up anytime between now and the end of August 2016! Full details here.

Get some new Sennheiser wireless to keep you in (and on) the air! Trade in an older functional Sennheiser or other manufacturer's system for up to $200 back on a brand new AVXew, or 2000 series wireless system! More details here.


The Orca OR-28 Audio Bag for the Zaxcom Maxx and the Zoom F8 is only $161.10 when you order before the end of September 2016!

Sanken's CSS-50 Short Stereo Shotgun Microphone introductory $150 rebate has been extended through September 15th! Contact us for details.


Footlose and Zaxcom Free

High Density Isn't Just for Lipoproteins Anymore!

Zaxcom High Density Wireless Transmitters are almost here - shipping out even as you read this breathlessly!

The wideband ZHD units allow up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in only 1 MHz of spectrum space (when paired with an upcoming ZHD receiver), but will work with your current Zaxcom receivers as well. Here's the channel-spacing breakdown:

  • With the upcoming QRX335, QRX300 or QRX312 in ZHD mode: as close as 100 KHz
  • With the QRX235, QRX200 or QRX212 in ZHD mode: as close as 200 KHz  (300 KHz recommended)
  • With wireless receivers in Mono or XR Modes: as close as 400 KHz  

The ZHD modulation in the transmitters is ultra efficient, resulting in increased transmission range over the 2-series, while keeping the usual stellar Zaxcom feature set, including built-in backup recording with time code, NeverClip™, full encryption, and ZaxNet integration.

Check out the individual details (or order!) the TRXLA3 and TRXLT3 bodypacks and TRX743 plug-on transmitter or scope out the informative videos after the jump.



New from NAB: Zaxcom

Lots of new stuff from Zaxcom this year at NAB! From the premiere of the Deva24 to the first examples of their high density wireless to a new slot-in receiver to a combination IFB/wireless microphone transceiver, there's something for everyone!

Watch the videos for the inside scoop on all of it, directly from Glenn Sanders at the Zaxcom factory:

Deva24 Mixer/Recorder

One of the most impressive things about the Deva24 is the versatility of its form factor - it can operate either as a compact cart unit or with its front panel remote via umbilical for even distribution of weight when bag mixing. It also features Zaxcom's new MixAhead capability.

TRX Transmitters with ZHD

The Zaxcom TRXLA3 and TRXLT3 bodypack transmitters and TRX743 plug-on transmitter are built with the new Zaxcom High Density modulation, which gives them increased range and allows them to operate only 100 kHz apart!

SRX220 Wideband ENG Receiver

At last, a Zaxcom slot-in receiver is here with stereo and time code output and compatibility with all existing Zaxcom transmitters, including ones with ZHD.

TRXFB IFB/Microphone Transceiver

The ZTRXFB combines all the features of a Zaxcom IFB and a bodypack transmitter into a single unit - great for newscasters, referees, or anyone who usually needs to wear two units to hear and be heard.

Zaxcom Hub

The Hub adds touchscreen control to all parts of a Nomad rig, including the FP8 control panel and RX12, enabling a sound mixer to have a complete recording system operated only with the control panel and Nomad touch.


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