More Cash for Wireless

Get some new Sennheiser wireless to keep you in (and on) the air! Trade in an older functional Sennheiser or other manufacturer's system for up to $200 back on selected brand new wireless systems, including the new evolution A1 frequency receivers and the AVX ME2 system!

New SystemRebateEligible Trade-In
ew 100 G3$100.00Any System
AVX$150.00Any System
ew 300 G3$150.00Any System
ew D1$150.00Any System
ew 500 G3$200.00Any System
2000 Series$200.00Any Tx or Rx

Here's what you need for the rebate:

  • Old wireless system(s) being traded for cash rebate. Systems must be functional and consist of a transmitter and receiver (except where otherwise noted). Rebate will be issued one-to-one against purchases.
  • Original UPC or EAN Code from the box of the new Sennheiser system
  • Copy of the original dated sales receipt for the new Sennheiser system purchased between June 1st and August 31st, 2016 from an authorized dealer (Gotham, for instance)
  • A completed rebate form, downloadable here: Gear_Up_Cash_In_Form_US.pdf

Mail it all to Sennheiser at the address provided on the form and presto! Open to US residents only, alas.

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