Zaxcom ZHD Transmitters Comparison Chart

Transmitter ZMT3 TRXLA3 TRXLT3 Feature Details
Price $1,775 $1775 (Mono),
$2075 (Stereo)
$1775 (Mono),
$2075 (Stereo)
Dimensions 2.2" x 1.6" x .55" 3.0" x 2.4" x .65" 2.4" x 2.4" x .65"  
Weight (with battery) 2.2 oz 3.6 oz 3.1 oz  
Power Output 25 / 50 / 75 mW 25 / 50 / 100 mW 25 / 50 mW  
Battery Type (1) NP-50, rechargable (2) AA's (1) AA  
Battery Life Up to 5.5 Hours
at 50 mW
Up to 7 Hours
with 1 Lithium AA
at 100mW
Up to 5 Hours
with 1 Lithium AA
at 50mW
Display Graphic OLED Graphic OLED Graphic OLED  
Internal Recording Yes Yes Yes The unit records time code audio files to a microSD card as backup.
NeverClip Yes Yes Yes NeverClip combines two seperate A-D converters for extended dynamic range and headroom. More info here.
PowerRoll Yes Yes Yes PowerRoll extends the battery life by adjusting the transmitter's output power level up when audio is being recorded by a ZaxNet compatible recorder and down when not recording.
QC Audio Yes Yes Yes QC Audio allows monitoring of a wireless unit via an ERX receiver for on the spot confidence checks.
Stereo Model No Yes Yes  
Time Code Yes Yes Yes  
Time Code / Audio Output Yes No No The ZMT can output audio or time code for jamming through the mic connector
Tuning Range 100 MHz
100 MHz
100 MHz
The unit covers multiple frequency blocks., The 3.5 version covers 20 through 23 (512-614MHz) and the 3.6 covers 23 through 26 (596 – 698 MHz)
ZaxNet Yes Yes Yes ZaxNet is a wireless network that allows remote control and distribution of time code, IFB audio, and metadata between units. More info here.
ZHD Mode Yes Yes Yes Zaxcom High Density is a modulation mode that allows closer spacing of wireless frequencies. More info here.