High Density Isn't Just for Lipoproteins Anymore!

Zaxcom High Density Wireless Transmitters are almost here - shipping out even as you read this breathlessly!

The wideband ZHD units allow up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in only 1 MHz of spectrum space (when paired with an upcoming ZHD receiver), but will work with your current Zaxcom receivers as well. Here's the channel-spacing breakdown:

  • With the upcoming QRX335, QRX300 or QRX312 in ZHD mode: as close as 100 KHz
  • With the QRX235, QRX200 or QRX212 in ZHD mode: as close as 200 KHz  (300 KHz recommended)
  • With wireless receivers in Mono or XR Modes: as close as 400 KHz  

The ZHD modulation in the transmitters is ultra efficient, resulting in increased transmission range over the 2-series, while keeping the usual stellar Zaxcom feature set, including built-in backup recording with time code, NeverClip™, full encryption, and ZaxNet integration.

Check out the individual details (or order!) the TRXLA3 and TRXLT3 bodypacks and TRX743 plug-on transmitter or scope out the informative videos after the jump.

Colleen Goodsir dropped by this week to chat about the ZHD release:

And Glenn Sanders gave us an in-depth look before NAB:

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