Firmware Fantasm

A smorgasbord of worthy updates for your devices today:

Ambient's ACL204's new firmware update introduces wireless continuous auto jam, with with you're never out of sync.The ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) will "jam" sync all other ACN devices whenever they are in range.

v 3.1 also adds built in midi time code/SMPTE time code capability to allow real SMPTE LTC i/o for Pro-Tools workstations and RF LNA (low noise amplifier) for extended range (at the cost of decreased battery life) for the ACN!


Zaxcom's new Nomad update 6.01 adds automix settings!


And last, but not least, v.105 of Sound Devices' 664 firmware features Broadcast WAV mono file support, LCD daylight mode, CF & SD card enhancements, and new shortcuts!

Order Your Zaxcom Maxx Today!

The Zaxcom Maxx is now shipping! We have a demo unit in store if you'd like to come see or you can check out all the details of and order one of this fantastic little mixer/recorder/transmitters today (that's the fully loaded version with all the trimmings - here's the base model and each individual option!) 

Update: Or, if you hate reading, you can watch Dan Joseph give a quick briefing!

Zaxcom Maxx Introduction from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.

It's a Succos Miracle, Charlie Brown!

Update: Free ERX2TCD and headphones deal extended until Friday, November 2nd! See details below!

Zaxcom's revamping the Nomad line and you get to reap the benefits!

  • First up, there's the all-new Nomad Lite (seen above), which replaces the Nomad 4. It's a 10 track unit with a more basic mixing capability. It's perfect for the user who really just wants to lay down tracks on the go and can benefit from extensive DSP based tools.
  • The Nomad 10 will be taking the place of the Nomad 6, with 10 recording tracks and ZaxNet.

  • The Nomad 12 remains, as ever, the Nomad 12, but at a lower price point!
  • Need a run-down of the differences? Check out Zaxcom's handy Nomad comparison chart!

But, wait, as they say, there's more:  

Any customer who buys a Nomad 10 or 12 in October 2012 until Friday, November 2nd gets a free ERX2TCD with a pair of Sony MDR210 LP's!

Call or e-mail us for more details!

Already have a Nomad, but jonesing for the new features? Never fear! They're upgradeable!

  • Nomad 4 to Nomad Lite - $95 (Software update only) - Upgrades to 10 recording tracks.
  • Nomad 4 to Nomad 10 - $950 + $300 upgrade fee (Factory upgrade) - Upgrades to 10 recording tracks, automixer,  AES inputs, and Zaxnet.
  • Nomad 4 to Nomad 12 - $2,095 + $300 upgrade fee  (Factory upgrade) - Upgrades to 12 recording tracks, automixer,  AES inputs, Zaxnet, and USB recording.
  • Nomad 6 to Nomad 10 - $150 (Software update only) - Upgrades to 10 recording tracks.
  • Nomad 6 to Nomad 12 - $1295 + $300 upgrade fee  (Factory upgrade) - Upgrades to 12 recording tracks and USB recording.
  • Nomad 8 to Nomad 12 - $195  (Software update only) - Upgrades to 12 recording tracks and USB recording.

All software upgrades will be performed over the phone with an unlock code.

Nomad 8 to 12 upgrades are available now! Nomad Lite & 10 upgrades will be available November 1st.
These prices are good through the end of 2012, so don't delay!

Nomad Seminar Videos

Missed the Zaxcom Nomad Seminar with Jack Norflus back in August? A video of the 3-hour event is now available to view here, complete with a thorough look at the Nomad's hardware, software features, integration into the Zaxcom line of products, and Q&A with the audience. This seminar was filmed before the refreshing of the Nomad line, however almost all of the information Jack gives still applies.

After the Q&A in Part 2, Glenn Sanders unveils the Zaxcom Maxx: an ultra-compact digital mixer with built-in recorder and transmitter.

April Gazette


Buy any qualifying Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone system and get your choice of a free ME2 lavalier or HD429 headphone with rebate. Offer applies to the ew 100 ENG ew 112-p, ew 122-p, and ew 135-p. Some conditions apply. Call or e-mail for details. Offer valid through May 31st, 2012.

NAB's acronym turned out to be unfortunately prognosticative this year, as both the Zaxcom and Lectrosonics booths had a large quantity of equipment stolen. The serial numbers are here for Zaxcom and here for Lectrosonics, so please keep an eye out for this gear on the used market. Thanks!
Zaxcom has just introduced the latest generation of their alternative to wireless microphones, the ZFR300. This lightweight, mini timecode-referenced audio recorder is the perfect size to stash on an actor in reality television or any challenging production environment or when there's simply too much interference and it's available right now.


Zaxcom has also debuted the TRX742 plug-on transmitter. It includes internal recording and Zaxnet and can be conifgured for use with a whole host of microphones. Neat!

See Zaxcom president Glenn Sanders showcase their new devices at NAB 2012.

You Can Lead a Transmitter to Water...
And in this case, fully submerge it! Lectrosonics has just announced their new watertight transmitter, the WM. It's got all the usual fidelity and features of a Lectro transmitter plus remote operation. It's expected to ship second quarter this year.

Check out Jerry Cudmore introducing the WM at NAB 2012

The Buddy System

The future of syncing timecode wirelessly marches on, as Timecode Systems Ltd adds the Timecode Buddy to the contenders. Consisting of the Timecode Buddy: master and the Timecode Buddy: tx, with a free iOS app available, it's a simple and reliable way to sync your timecode across set, and it works with gear you already have. This equipment is still pending authorization from the FCC and may not be sold until it is granted.

See company founder Paul Scurrell talking about the system at NAB 2012.

Franklin R. Haber, R.I.P.

We're sad to note the passing of Frank Haber at the age of 72 on March 19, 2012. He had an illustrious 30 year career sound engineering and mixing for motion pictures. Frank fixed my first Nagra and was incredibly generous with his time and advice and I'll always be grateful for the help he gave to me as a young mixer. Our condolences to his friends and family.

- Peter Schneider


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