• Four full size XLR analog mic/line level inputs with 48 V Phantom power that incorporate the Zaxcom Nomad’s microphone preamps with NeverClip™
  • Two-channel output bus over two sets of output connectors (XLR and TA5) that can be individually configured as line, mic and consumer output levels.
  • Two-channel balanced monitor return and mono & tape outputs
  • All broadcast sample rates up to 192 KHz AES input allows mix eight inputs onto the stereo output buss
  • Maximum dynamic range at both mic and line level output and headphone out
  • Record four pre-fader ISO tracks along with the two-channel mix to SD card (with adapter) and Compact Flash
  • Digital wireless transmitter signal carries two channels of audio and SMTPE*
  • Input effects – 2-channel notch filter / softknee compressor / delay / high-pass filter
  • Full timecode reader / generator
  • Visual time code slate