Time Code Marches On

Ambient has released new Lockit firmware v4.01 with two brand new GUIs (Standard and Extended menus), a smart TRX mode, full jam mode, and custom slate clap display. Here's how they describe the changes: 

New Menus
The Standard Menu has the functions necessary for most professional workflows while utilizing a cleaner, smarter, and easier interface to maximize intuitive typical day-to-day operation. The Extended Menu provides access to the rarely used functions, providing the versatility and power to accommodate more unique workflows. Furthermore, the new Mode selection will apply all required settings automatically without the need to dig deep into various parts of the menu.

Smart TRX Mode
With Firmware 4.0, working with the TRX mode in all ACN devices now is plug and play. As soon as the unit is set to TRX mode, it automatically switches to a dedicated ACN channel and to receive mode. The moment you connect a time code source, be it MIDI via USB or a standard LTC signal, it switches to transmit mode and follows the source frame rate with running or standing TC. All other TRX devices on that channel now will receive the transmitted time code and automatically work at the correct frame rate. Backup functionality remains the same in the event of a wireless dropout as each ACN unit maintains time code running in the background on its internal generator.

Full Jam Mode
Full Jam Mode is the new default setting to ACN units with Version 4.0. In addition to setting the time code, Full Jam Mode will automatically match the frame rate to that of the source. Whether you're working wirelessly over ACN or over a cable connection, system setup is now be as simple as a single jam operation!

Custom Slate Clap Display
​The new Slate Display Menu lets you determine the duration of the displayed user bits, clapped time, and running TC after the slate clap. This new development helps you to cater to the unique needs of each individual production.

Download it today!

Important PIX Firmware Update

From Video Devices:


Firmware V2.12 for the PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i

This firmware provides a stability patch for the previously released version 2.10. This patch fixes an issue where video recordings can become corrupt while PIXNet is connected.

It is highly recommended that users update to v2.12 as soon as possible.

250i: http://www.videodevices.com/supp…/downloads/pix250i-firmware
260i: http://www.videodevices.com/supp…/downloads/pix260i-firmware
270i: http://www.videodevices.com/supp…/downloads/pix270i-firmware

Even Sounder Devices

Update (2/18/15): v1.04 is now out, so upgrade away: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/633-firmware/

Update (2/17/15): There's a small bug in the Sound Devices 633 firmware v 1.03 update that's being fixed and tested now. We'll let you know when the new version is available for download or you can watch this page: http://www.sounddevices.com/download/633-firmware/

Sound Devices has released new firmware for the 663 and 664!

Firmware v. 1.03 for the 633 and v. 2.03 for the 664 includes:

  • Adjustable Slate Mic Gain
  • Shortcuts for Fast Control
  • Time Code Mode: Free Run Jam Once
  •  L-Ident tone

Download 'em now!

Sound Self-Report

New firmware update v2.10 is out for the Sound Devices 970 and PIX 250i, 260i, and 270i! All of the devices are getting metadata upgrades, but the big news is that the 970, PIX 260i, and PIX 270i will now have the capability to produce sound reports!

The firmware files and more details are available at the following links:

​Update 10/29: This post originally indicated that only the 970 would have the sound report ability, but it's been added to the PIX 260i and PIX 270i as well.

Sound Devices PIX Service Notice

Based on reports from the field and through Sound Devices close investigation with Intel engineers, the PIX-SSD5 hard drive, also known as the Intel 520 drive, has the potential for drive failure or data corruption when used in a PIX-CADDY,. This failure is most likely to occur when a drive is initially connected to a computer or when left idle while connected to a computer for an extended period of time. While these conditions are rare, Sound Devices recommends PIX users of the PIX-SSD5 (Intel 520 drive) take one of he following actions:

  1. Advanced Replacement – Sound Devices offers an advanced replacement drive, the PIX-SSD6 to U.S. customers of the PIX-SSD5 for $100 which includes ground shipping (expedited shipping is available for additional expense). Return the original PIX-SSD5 using the pre-paid shipping label included with the replacement drive. Sound Devices reserves the right to charge the balance of the cost of the PIX-SSD6 ($299 USD) if the PIX-SSD5 is not returned within 30 days of receipt of the PIX-SSD6. Customers outside the U.S. should contact their Sound Devices reseller or distributor for details. Sound Devices recommends the advanced replacement.
  2.  (or) Firmware Update – Customers may choose to update their PIX-SSD5 (Intel 520 drive) with a firmware release developed by Intel specifically to address the issues above. Intel is confident that this firmware update resolves the cause of the drive failure. This update can be applied to any Intel 520 drive by following the steps outlined in the tech note, Intel 520 Firmware Update Instructions. Please note that this update requires specific computer knowledge to apply the update.

Gotham is an authorized service center for the firmware update. Call us as 212-629-9430 or email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

More info can be found in the Sound Devices Tech Notes here.

Firmware Fantasm

A smorgasbord of worthy updates for your devices today:

Ambient's ACL204's new firmware update introduces wireless continuous auto jam, with with you're never out of sync.The ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) will "jam" sync all other ACN devices whenever they are in range.

v 3.1 also adds built in midi time code/SMPTE time code capability to allow real SMPTE LTC i/o for Pro-Tools workstations and RF LNA (low noise amplifier) for extended range (at the cost of decreased battery life) for the ACN!


Zaxcom's new Nomad update 6.01 adds automix settings!


And last, but not least, v.105 of Sound Devices' 664 firmware features Broadcast WAV mono file support, LCD daylight mode, CF & SD card enhancements, and new shortcuts!

788T Firmware Version 3.0

Sound Devices has just released a firmware update 3.0 for the 788T. New features include support for 192khz sample rate; L-ident tone mode, including TONE+LAMP shortcut to toggle the mode on or off; user-customizable CL9 trim encoder adjustment; the option to decode MS into LR MIX only and leave ISO tracks as un-decoded MS; limiters for digital inputs (AES3 and AES42); Scene, Take, Notes, Circle and Track name metadata linked between two C-Linked 788Ts; faster drive formatting; and a new Timecode mode!

Download it from here.


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