Pix 260i Firmware Update!

v.103 of the PIX 260i Firmware is out, featuring a host of new appointments and improvements, including support for the new PIX CF Caddy accessory and audio mono wave files!

Here's the full list of updates:


  • Support for new PIX CF Caddy accessory. Audio Poly Mode only. Approved CF cards: SanDisk Extreme Pro; Delkin 1000x
  • Audio Mono Wave File support (Audio Only Mode with SSD and HDD only)
  • Support RS422 Locate to Timecode, Cue Point Commands and Device Type ID (Sony BVW-75 emulation)
  • Added Scene Increment Shortcut feature from main screen (Stop + FFwd)
  • Added options for displaying thinner audio meters in various parts of the main screen (top, left, bottom, right)


  • File Name format options now use '-' instead of '_'. This is so that '_' is reserved for the audio track number suffix when using audio mono files
  • '_' character no longer permitted for Scene and PIX name in order to prevent conflicts with audio track number suffix.
  • Audio meters extended down to -50dBFS.


  • Occasional random file splits and corruption due to loss of lock to incoming SDI
  • Occasional random file splits due to incorrect reading of SDI embedded timecode
  • Fixed a rare issue where A-time could freeze on zero at record start and would require a reboot.
  • Group playback of previously recorded clips.
  • PIXNET improvements /fixes
  • Various Dante Improvements and fixes includes 'Slave to ext WCK' status saved over power cycle.
  • Scene Name entered from the front panel of the 260i not rippling through to other grouped 260i's
  • Dither is now applied when set to 16-bit audio
  • Many other system improvements and bug fixes

Download it from Sound Device's site here!

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