664 Update

Two pieces of news regarding the 664: 1) limited quantities are starting to ship now, so some of you should have 'em in your hot little hands soon and 2) a number of the problems we noted in our review have been fixed. Here's the list of fixes in the newest version of the firmware and the download link:

New Features:

  • PreRoll (up to six seconds)
  • Record File Split
  • Track Names in Meters option
  • External DC reference options (12V Ext DC, NiMH, Expanded NiMH, 12V Lead Acid, 14V Li-ion, Full Range)
  • Headphone Warning Beeps for low power and other warning conditions
  • Time code display indication when incoming frame rate does not match the 664 frame rate setting (display alternates between incoming shown in red and 664 setting shown in white)


  • LCD display indicator when Tone, Slate, or COM is active
  • LCD display battery icon power status (green is healthy, flashing yellow is warning, and flashing red is critical)
  • Limiters now ON at Factory Setting
  • RTN levels now reset on Factory Settings
  • Headphone program vs. TONE, Slate, COM, RTN priority changes
  • Track Arm indicators now only show tracks that will be recorded according to Recorder settings and media inserted
  • Metering improvements in Input Settings Window
  • AES Output Routing navigation changes
  • Tone is disabled during Playback


  • Various time code related issues
  • Track polarity issue
  • Channel Screen Fader value display now updated after Input has been turned on
  • Rare Lock Up during boot cycle
  • MP3 Recording Lock Ups
  • Various AES Routing issues
  • Various Input Linking issues
  • Wordclock locking issue after unsupported rates where detected
  • Various metadata entry bugs
  • Various keyboard data entry bugs
  • Various Take List updating bugs
  • Headphone Preset Names now cleared after Factory Settings are restored


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