A Hymn to Slim

Starting today, you can preorder the new DPA D:screet Slim lavalier microphones! We can't give much in the way of details or pictures yet (though some info has slipped out into the wild), but we can tell you:

  • They'll have all the quality of their normal D:screet microphones, but with an even smaller form factor!
  • If you pre-order the Microdot version before October 18th, you can get a free DAD Microdot adapter of your choice included!

Estimated ship date is the end of October and initial supplies are expected to be limited, so preorder yours today!

Oasis, Nomad Touch, & RX200 Coming Out! Nomads Going Up!

Which brings us to the Good-Albeit-Suspiciously-Beneficial-for-Gotham-News:

Call us, email or order online to get in on the next level of Zaxcom's kit integration!

Sound Devices CL-12 Available for Pre-Order

The Sound Devices CL-12 Linear Fader Controller has been announced for shipping at the end of October! It significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line via a single USB cable that provides both power and control. It will be compatible with the 688 upon shipping with future support of the 664 and 633 to follow.

When the CL-12 is connected, the 688 gains twelve 100 mm linear faders and enhanced, sunlight-viewable LED metering. Numerous dedicated buttons also provides quick access to key functionality for fast track arming, naming, and routing. The CL-12 also features a 3-band parametric equalizer for each of the 12 inputs and the ability to monitor audio directly from the CL-12’s headphone port. Together, the CL-12 and 688 are a complete mixing and recording system, perfect for controlling the multiple audio signals often required in today’s production sound environments.

The CL-12 comes in two models. The standard CL-12 is designed to be a sleek and durable mixing surface with robust black aluminum side panels. Tactile controls, including illuminated buttons and twelve easy-to-use manual faders, combine with LED metering to improve the whole mixing experience.

In addition to offering everything the standard CL-12 does, the CL-12 Alaia features incredibly smooth gliding Penny & Giles faders and gorgeous custom hardwood side panels, available in either Blonde Maple or Red Mahogany.

The CL-12 also provides ports for a USB keyboard connection for efficient metadata entry, remote control via third-party applications (Ambient Beetle Bluetooth dongle, Timecode Systems’ :wave metadata hub), and for powering an optional USB lamp.


CL-12 Feature Comparison633664688
3-Band Parametric Equalizer--Yes
MixAssist Monitoring--Yes
L, R, X1, X2 Track Level ControlYesYesYes
L, R, X1, X2 Output Level Control--Yes
SuperSlot Access--Yes


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