Think Small

The Zaxcom ZMT3 miniature wideband transmitter is extremely lightweight and compact, measuring approximately  1.5" x 2.3" x 0.5" (about the size of a Zippo lighter) and weighing in at 2.2 oz (with battery)! 

Despite its incredibly low profile, it requires almost no compromises, sharing most of the features of its larger siblings, including built-in backup recording with time code, NeverClip, and Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) modulation. (Here's a handy ZHD transmitter comparison chart)

New to the ZMT is the capibility to output audio or time code for jamming through the mic connector, an A-D converter with a 108 dB dynamic range (~5dB wider than previous models), and a removable screw on top to allow for mounting or hanging. A standard rechargable Fuji NP-50 or compatible battery will power the unit for up to five and a half hours

The ZMT is priced at $1775 and expected to start soon, so get those pre-orders in now - initial supply will be limited and fulfillment will be first come, first served!

In the meantime, check out Glenn Sanders and Peter Schneider going super-deep on the ZMT's feature set:

A Countryman to All

Big news from Countryman Associates! The venerable B6 lavalier microphone will soon be available with a threaded connection and detachable adapter, so you can easily change the lavalier to match any wireless system!

You can get more information and preorder selected styles from our website now or check out our interview with Chris Countryman for more details:

Present Accounted For

What better way to say you care to a very particular sort of loved one than a gift card for Gotham Sound, good for use at either of our locations in our sales, rentals, and/or service department?

By default, we'll mail a card to the address you provide; however, if you'd rather have it as an online coupon code, let us know in the comment field and we can accommodate that. Custom amounts are available on request.

Note: For cards shipping to New York, we have to charge tax, but the tax will be added to the total amount of the gift card.

Zoom Control

The Zoom FRC-8 F-Control is a mixing control surface that works intuitively with Zoom’s F8 and F4 multitrack field recorders. When paired with an F8 or F4 via USB, the F-Control creates a complete professional audio rig. It's priced at $349.99 and expected to be available January 2017.

F-Control makes recording and mixing easy with nine 60 mm faders (eight + Master) and hands-on input/output control for trim, pan, and track arming. Monitoring channel and output levels is simple with 12-segment LED meters, three user-programmable buttons, and a dedicated time code button.

More details are available here.

End Times

The Lectrosonics SRAES3 bottom plate adapter for all SR Series dual-channel slot receivers is now in stock! The SRAES3 will work with all SR receiver versions to provide audio in the following formats: AES3 digital audio at 48 kHz sampling with an internal clock; AES3 digital audio with an external word clock at 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz sampling; and balanced analog audio from -50 dBu to +5dBu in 1 dB steps. One or two channels of digital audio are delivered from the CH1 jack, while the CH2 jack delivers analog audio at all times.

More details and ordering here.

New on the IFB Most Wanted List

The Zaxcom TRXFB IFB/Bodypack Transceiver is now available! It's a wideband transmitter featuring the Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation and built-in recording with time code, ZaxNet remote control, and 100% digital transmission.

The TRXFB transmits audio via UHF and receives an IFB audio feed over ZaxNet’s 2.4 GHz signal at the same time, replacing the need for talent to wear both a wireless microphone pack and an IFB receiver. It also has a Quality Control signal and headphone out, so you can check the mic while still with the talent.

Get more details and order yours here or check out the demo Glenn Sanders gave when the unit was still in the prototype phase:

PDA for the PDR

Lectrosonics has just announced their entry into the world of bodypack recorders with the PDR Digital Recorder!

The PDR is designed to record audio with time code in circumstances where a traditional full sized recorder or wireless system is impractical, such as extreme sports, public events, or complicated documentary or reality shows. The recorder is lightweight, unobtrusive, and easily hidden in clothes or as a plant mic.

The PDR provides a headphone output for monitoring or file review or can be set as a line level output to cascade to a transmitter via the MC70 adapter cable. It can also be tethered to a camera; the headphone output doubles as a line output to feed the AV input.

The BWF (.wav) file formatted audio tracks include time code data for easy synchronization. There are two recording modes: HD Mono records the audio in a single file; Split Gain records two different channels in the file, one at the normal level and another at -18 dB as a safety track.

It retails for $749 and is expected to start shipping soon. Initial supply may be limited, so preorder now for earliest possible delivery!

More details and specifications are available here.

High Density Isn't Just for Lipoproteins Anymore!

Zaxcom High Density Wireless Transmitters are almost here - shipping out even as you read this breathlessly!

The wideband ZHD units allow up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in only 1 MHz of spectrum space (when paired with an upcoming ZHD receiver), but will work with your current Zaxcom receivers as well. Here's the channel-spacing breakdown:

  • With the upcoming QRX335, QRX300 or QRX312 in ZHD mode: as close as 100 KHz
  • With the QRX235, QRX200 or QRX212 in ZHD mode: as close as 200 KHz  (300 KHz recommended)
  • With wireless receivers in Mono or XR Modes: as close as 400 KHz  

The ZHD modulation in the transmitters is ultra efficient, resulting in increased transmission range over the 2-series, while keeping the usual stellar Zaxcom feature set, including built-in backup recording with time code, NeverClip™, full encryption, and ZaxNet integration.

Check out the individual details (or order!) the TRXLA3 and TRXLT3 bodypacks and TRX743 plug-on transmitter or scope out the informative videos after the jump.




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