The ACN-niversary Party

For the 25th anniversary of Lockit, Ambient is offering 25% off a new ACN Lockit box when you trade in a pre-ACN Lockit or Clockit unit!

The trade-in program is applicable to Lockit devices that are discontinued and do not have ACN capability; all ACL units before the ACL 204 and slates preceding the ACN-LS qualify. The trade-in units can be functional or dead. The special is 1:1, i.e. you can only receive a discount on the number of units equal to the quantity of legacy units submitted. Offer expires December 21st, 2017.

Here's what you can get with your trade-in:

Model Regular Price Price w/ Trade-In
ACL 204 Lockit Box $1,092.00 $819.00
ACN TL Tiny Lockit $852.00 $639.00
ACN-ML Master Lockit $1,248.00 $936.00
ACN-MLP Master LockItPlus (Release Pending) $1,662.00 $1,247.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Plastic Clapsticks $1,356.00 $1,017.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Maple Clapsticks $1,608.00 $1,206.00
NanoLockit Time Code Sync Box $299.00 $225.00

Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to submit a trade in! 

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