ACN-ML Master Lockit Time Code Generator



  • WiFi routing for communication between LockitScript and Tonmeister apps
  • Proxy streaming and recording with Terradeck or Vitec streaming boxes
  • Collects and stores all ACN distributed metadata
  • Forwards metadata to iOS devices via WiFi / Bluetooth LE
  • Integrated webserver
  • Reads and stores Arri Alexa metadata via ethernet
  • Reads and stores rec start/stop tc of all cameras with GP I/O or Lanc
  • Highly accurate Lockit time code generator
  • Generator buffered time code transceiver
  • Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm)
  • No drift at all within the ACN
  • Supports all used frame rates
  • OLED Display readable even in brightest sunlight
  • Adjustable time code output for recording TC on audio track