The ACN-niversary Party

For the 25th anniversary of Lockit, Ambient is offering 25% off a new ACN Lockit box when you trade in a pre-ACN Lockit or Clockit unit!

The trade-in program is applicable to Lockit devices that are discontinued and do not have ACN capability; all ACL units before the ACL 204 and slates preceding the ACN-LS qualify. The trade-in units can be functional or dead. The special is 1:1, i.e. you can only receive a discount on the number of units equal to the quantity of legacy units submitted. Offer expires December 21st, 2017.

Here's what you can get with your trade-in:

Model Regular Price Price w/ Trade-In
ACL 204 Lockit Box $1,092.00 $819.00
ACN TL Tiny Lockit $852.00 $639.00
ACN-ML Master Lockit $1,248.00 $936.00
ACN-MLP Master LockItPlus (Release Pending) $1,662.00 $1,247.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Plastic Clapsticks $1,356.00 $1,017.00
ACN-LS Time Code Slate w/ Maple Clapsticks $1,608.00 $1,206.00
NanoLockit Time Code Sync Box $299.00 $225.00

Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to submit a trade in! 

Time Code Marches On

Ambient has released new Lockit firmware v4.01 with two brand new GUIs (Standard and Extended menus), a smart TRX mode, full jam mode, and custom slate clap display. Here's how they describe the changes: 

New Menus
The Standard Menu has the functions necessary for most professional workflows while utilizing a cleaner, smarter, and easier interface to maximize intuitive typical day-to-day operation. The Extended Menu provides access to the rarely used functions, providing the versatility and power to accommodate more unique workflows. Furthermore, the new Mode selection will apply all required settings automatically without the need to dig deep into various parts of the menu.

Smart TRX Mode
With Firmware 4.0, working with the TRX mode in all ACN devices now is plug and play. As soon as the unit is set to TRX mode, it automatically switches to a dedicated ACN channel and to receive mode. The moment you connect a time code source, be it MIDI via USB or a standard LTC signal, it switches to transmit mode and follows the source frame rate with running or standing TC. All other TRX devices on that channel now will receive the transmitted time code and automatically work at the correct frame rate. Backup functionality remains the same in the event of a wireless dropout as each ACN unit maintains time code running in the background on its internal generator.

Full Jam Mode
Full Jam Mode is the new default setting to ACN units with Version 4.0. In addition to setting the time code, Full Jam Mode will automatically match the frame rate to that of the source. Whether you're working wirelessly over ACN or over a cable connection, system setup is now be as simple as a single jam operation!

Custom Slate Clap Display
​The new Slate Display Menu lets you determine the duration of the displayed user bits, clapped time, and running TC after the slate clap. This new development helps you to cater to the unique needs of each individual production.

Download it today!

Hear Some Ambient News

And Ambient joins the pre-NAB parade of new products with these exciting additions to their line-up:

ACN-LS Time Code Slate

The ACN-LS slate is now shipping and has a bunch of nifty new features, including a display that flips rightside up when the sticks are reversed; wireless slate clap time transmission; the ability to hold time code for ten minutes without batteries; and a two working day battery life on four AA batteries! It's available as a display only or embedded in a slate!

Master Lockit ACN-ML

Ambient Master Lockit ACN-MLThis version of the venerable lockit box adds a built-in WiFi router for communicating with the new LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps (see below), collecting metadata, and interfacing with recorders.

ACN-BT Beetle

Ambient ACN-BT BeetleAn alternative to the CL-WiFi, which works over low energy Bluetooth (as opposed to WiFi), the Beetle enables wireless connectivity between the Ambient Clockit Network and iOS devices and facilitates the dissemination of metadata.


Ambient LockitSCRIPTThe LockitSCRIPT App for iOS makes curating on-set info a snap for the script supervisor with the ability to import and organize call sheets, scripts, sound and camera reports, etc., all synced with time code over the Ambient Clockit Network! Additional 788T functionality (via free update) coming in June!


Ambient TonmeisterThis app is for the sound mixer with many of the same organizational abilities of the LockitSCRIPT, plus a robust sound report system and an optional plug-in to allow complete control of the Sound Devices 788T via CL-WiFi.

ASF-1 "Sound Fish" Hydrophone

High-quality, economically priced waterproof microphone for great underwater audio.

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