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UPDATE, 10/6/17: IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MASTERLOCKIT AND MASTERLOCKITPLUS USERS. There was a bug in the initial firmware release - if you downloaded 5.10, discared the files and download the new Ambient-MasterLockit-5.1.0-2. files.

If you have an unit with a serial number starting with MLA and have already installed the earlier version of 5.10, the little square in the OLED will not come on and you won’t be able to log in to your MasterLockit’s web interface. Contact us if you have this problem and we'll arrange a fix with Ambient.

Firmware v5.10 is out for the Ambient Lockit devices, including the NanoLockit, MasterLockit, Tiny Lockit, Lockit Box, and Time Code Slate!

The NanoLock update features some important updates including: 

LED Brightness
Increases the LED brightness without noticeable impact on battery lifetime.

Auto Power
Currently, the Nano automatically comes on with USB power when permanently connected to a camera, but some users prefer not to need to power the units down after pulling them off the charger. You can alter this setting within the LockitToolbox by unticking the auto-power option.

LNA on Battery Power
Also in the LockitToolbox is a new tickbox labelled LNA. LNA is an additional stage for the antenna amplification circuitry that may improve reception in some situations. Because it eats some battery power, Ambient only enabled it when running on external power – now it’s optional on battery, too. The firmware also updates TinyLockit, Lockit, and LockitSlate to automatically switch on LNA when externally powered.

Re-Jam Immunity
Lastly, running bidirectional timecode cables could lead to the NanoLockit being re-jammed after a connected camera did a reboot and fed time code starting from zero. With 5.10, the NanoLockit is immune against this and will not accept a jam via cable once its generator has been set. Still, you can wirelessly jam a (Tiny)Lockit from the real time clock of a Nano before assigning it to become C-Jam master for the set.

Download the update from here.

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