GSTV: Anatomy of a Zaxcom Kit


Sound mixer Johnpaul Golaski takes us on an in-depth tour of his Zaxcom mixing, recording, and wireless kit and how he configures it into his ideal rig for each particular feature film or reality show, plus a ZaxNet demonstration.

Equipment mentioned:

* Zaxcom Maxx Mixer/Recorder:

* Zaxcom QRX200 Receiver:

* Zaxcom RX200 Receiver:

* Zaxcom ERX3TCD IFB Receiver:

* Zaxcom TRXLA2 Transmitter:

* Zaxcom Nomad 12 Recorder:

* Orca Bags OR-32 Audio Bag:

* Zaxcom Oasis Mixer/Controller:

* Zaxcom Touch Interface Software:

* Lectrosonics Venue:

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