NAB 2019: Lectrosonics ALP690


Learn about the Lectrosonics ALP690 Antenna at NAB 2019

GSTV: Off Mic with Timothia Sellers


Sound mixer Timothia Sellers on how she got into the business, her sound gear and her experiences as a sound mixer for episodic dramas for television.

GSTV: Gotham Wiring Workshop - MC-35 Cable


Learn how to make a line level input cable for a Lectrosonics transmitter (aka, an MC-35 cable).

GSTV: Anatomy of a Zaxcom Kit


An in-depth look at Zaxcom equipment as sound mixer Johnpaul Golaski takes us through his mixing/recording/ wireless kit.

GSTV: How to Mic a Vehicle with Giovanni Lima Jr.


Production mixer Giovanni Lima Jr. shows us how to get great sound in a vehicle.

GSTV: Lectrosonics with Howard Kaufman


Lectro representative Howard Kaufman discusses the upcoming changes in wireless spectrum use and how Lectro L-series and SSM series can help overcome the challenges

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