GSTV: Betso with Jan Zastera


Jan Zastera joined us to discuss Betso's impressively built and designed wireless and time code solutions, including the upcoming TCX-2 time code transceiver!

GSTV: The Behringer X32 in Production


A conversation with Cory Allen about the use of the Behringer X32 on the reality production of Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

GSTV: 3-D Printing Custom Audio Solutions/Sound Devices CL-12


Explore 3D Printing solutions for audio and take a look at the Sound Devices CL-12

GSTV: Walkie Talkies - The Next Generation


Everything you wanted to know about walkies, but were afraid to ask. Topics include Walkie Frequencies, Base Stations, Repeaters, the Safety Walkie, and Walkinators.

GSTV: F8 tal Attraction


A demo of the Zoom F8 Mixer/ Recorder

GSTV: Aaton Cantar X3


A primer on the Aaton Cantar X3.

GSTV: Lectrosonics with Karl Winkler


Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics joins us to talk about the new Venue 2 system, Wireless Designer, VHF IFB system, and HMa wideband plug-in transmitter, as well as the latest developments with the FCC spectrum auction and how to plan your wireless for the future.

GSTV: Off Mic with Dave Schwartz


Narrative sound mixer Dave Schwartz kicks off our 2016 livestream season with a new feature all about talking shop with sound crew. 

GSTV: The Wonderful World of Wind Protection


Nick Huston, aided by a wind machine, takes us on a tour of windscreens, fuzzies, zeppelins, and lav covers from Rycote, Cinela, K-Tek, LMC, Remote Audio, and Bubblebee in some hands-on, albeit non-scientific, testing.

GSTV: DPA Microphones


Natalie Lowe and Dan Joseph explore DPA Microphones' new Slim lavaliers, the 4017B Shotgun and 4018C Condensed Supercardiod Microphone, the swappable Microdot lavalier adapters, the 4098 Supercardioid Podium Mic and the rest of the DPA line, plus a Slim miking demo from Peter Schneider.


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