Gotham Labs: Building a PoE Production Audio Recording Rig


Building a sample cart rig using Power over Ethernet and the Dante protocol to send audio, power, and telemetry from the sound cart to set and back via a single Cat5 cable.

GSTV: Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital First Look


The basics of the new XSW-D plug & play entry-level wireless series.

GSTV: K-Tek Stingray Backpack


Nick Huston shows off the features of the K-Tek Stingray Backpack.

GSTV: Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex


The new ZMT3-Flex transmitter, designed  to keep both your talent and your transmitter safe when recording sports or other potentially high-impact scenarios.

Life & Taxes: Navigating the New Tax Code for Production Personnel (2018)

Production CPAs Nancy Adams and Deborah Hammett talk about what the changes to the US tax code for 2018 mean for production freelancers.

GSTV: Timecode Systems UltraSync One Integration


How to set-up and use an UltraSync One and :pulse time code devices with the B:LINK network.

GSTV: Tentacle Sync E


Ulrich Esser demonstrates the new Tentacle Sync E. 

GSTV: Sound Devices MixPre-10T


Unboxing and going through the features of the new Sound Devices MixPre-10T recorder.


GSTV: Lectrosonics SMWB First Look


Nick Huston unboxes a SMDWB transmitter and puts it through its paces.

GSTV: Rycote Windshields and Shock Mounts


Timo Klinge discusses Rycote's newest additions to their line of shock mounts and wind protection, including the Stereo Cyclone, Baseball, InVision, and Softie-Lite.


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