NAB 2014 - Zaxcom


Glenn Sanders shows off the new RX-12 12-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver, the Nomad Fader Panel, and the Micplexer.

NAB 2014 - Timecode Systems


Timecode Systems's Paul Scurrell demonstrates the new Denecke TS-TCB Time Code Slate, with integrated Timecode Buddy features, to Paul Padilla

NAB 2014 - JuicedLink


Natalie Lowe gets the story of the Little DARling miniature recorder from JuicedLink's veteran NAB'er, Robert Rozak. How veteran? You'll have to watch to find out!.

NAB 2014 - Orca


Orca's Ofer Menache shows us their brand new line of aluminum-frame camera and audio bags, including one designed for the Zaxcom Maxx.

NAB 2014 - Rycote


Natalie Lowe chats with Rycote's Odette Davies, and her daughters Megan and Molly, about the Rycote way of life.

NAB 2014 - Sound Devices


Pat McConnell talkes to Natalie Lowe about the new 970i audio recorder, and the PIX 250i and PIX 270i video recorders.

WisyCom Launch Commercial


Sure, you can do a boring old gear announcement, but why when you can use the magic of video to communicate that you've now got WisyCom products?

The Sound of Boardwalk Empire


A behind-the scenes look from the audio mixers, editors, and engineers behind HBO’s Golden Globe and Emmy-winning Boardwalk Empire.

AES 135 - Martin Kelly INK MASTER Presentation


Audio Supervisor Marty Kelly  details the revolutionary Dante-fueled sound system custom-designed for Spike TV's Ink Master

A Day with Jean-Pierre Beauviala


An afternoon with Aaton's founder, Jean-Pierre Beauviala, talking about his contributions to motion picture cinematography, working with Jean Luc Godard, and the future of Aaton. 


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