IBC 2013 - Take ("Boom Recorder") Vos


Amsterdam native Take Vos discusses the history of Boom Recorder, its latest features, and what the future of film sound recording might look like (spoiler alert: it's very close to Ambient's vision).

IBC 2013 - Cinesonics (Chris Price)


Cinesonics' Chris Price discusses history, wine, sound for film and his new cart and boom pole products. Watch for Sound Devices' Jim Koomar's cameo!

IBC 2013 - Ambient


Ambient's Klaus Grosser discusses their newest products and updates, including a prototype of a new slate, and an exciting collaboration between Ambient and Easy-Scott.

IBC 2013 - Arriflex Amira


Arriflex Amira Product Manager Markus  Durr discusses the audio features of their new documentary camera Amira.

First Look: Zaxcom Maxx


Dan Joseph gives a tantalizing glimpse of the brand new Zaxcom Maxx. Watch the video, then drop by the store to see our demo unit today!

NAB 2013 - RME


RME/Synthax's Jeff Peteresen talks about some of RME's latest products, as well as the tech behind PC-SIG, Thunderbolt (and why RME didn't adopt it), as well as an insightful comparison between MADI over Ehternet and Dante.

NAB 2013 Greatest Hits

Christina Z. Wittich picks three videos that demonstrate future trends in wireless audio in a world of ever increasing spectrum crunch.

NAB 2013 - WisyCom


WisyCom's Massimo Polo describes their wide bandwidth wireless microphone systems.

NAB 2013 - Timecode Systems & MovieSlate


Pureblend's Cliff Joyce shows off the latest products from Movie*Slate and Timecode Buddy, and a prototype of a slate made in collaboration with Denecke.

NAB 2013 - K-Tek, Part I


K-Tek's Dave Fisk demonstrates their new Nautilus microphone suspension, zeppelin and boom case.


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