GSTV: DPA Microphones


Natalie Lowe and Dan Joseph explore DPA Microphones' new Slim lavaliers, the 4017B Shotgun and 4018C Condensed Supercardiod Microphone, the swappable Microdot lavalier adapters, the 4098 Supercardioid Podium Mic and the rest of the DPA line, plus a Slim miking demo from Peter Schneider.

GSTV: Audio Harness Fashion Show


Gotham employees model different harnesses

GSTV: Bag Report


A look at different models of sound bags and harnesses available at Gotham Sound

GSTV: Sound Devices CL-12 with Paul Isaacs


An in-depth look at the Sound Devices CL-12 with Paul Isaacs (Sound Devices Technical Development Manager).

GSTV: Rolf Eichenseher of Appsys ProAudio


Interview with Rolf Eichenseher of Appsys ProAudio to discuss the multiverter MVR-64 Digital Audio Bridge Rack Unit.

GSTV: Glenn Sanders and Zaxcom Wireless


A history of Zaxcom and the benefits of using Zaxcom wireless equipment

GSTV: First Look Zaxcom Oasis


A look at the Zaxcom Oasis mixer-controller.

GSTV: All About Antennas


Learn all about antennas -- design, placement, best practices and more.

GSTV: Lectrosonics with Howard Kaufman


Lectro representative Howard Kaufman discusses the upcoming changes in wireless spectrum use and how Lectro L-series and SSM series can help overcome the challenges

NAB 2015 - Sound Guys Solutions


Sound Guys Solutions' Gene Martin talks about their latest cart products, including the tabletop model.


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