Bond Over Blue

The Timecode Systems UltraSync Blue has just been announced, bringing time code and metadata via Bluetooth to a plethora of new devices, including the iPhone in conjunction with the MAVIS pro camera iOS app and Apogee's MetaRecorder audio recorder iOS app.

Non-iOS devices are expected to support Bluetooth time code in the near future, including the Zoom F8n and H3-VR recorders.

The UltraSync Blue can be used as a standalone sync box for up to four connected devices, but it can also integrate with the Timecode Systems b:Link Hub network with the use of a :pulse as a master time code generator. 

It retails for $179 and is expected to start shipping this month, so get your pre-orders in now!

Song of UltraSync

The Timecode Systems enters the field as well with the tiny UltraSync One (2.2" x 1.7" x  0.7"), equipped with time code, genlock, word clock, LCD, and RF technology to synchronize with the BLINK system!

Get (2) UltraSync Ones with a :wave time code, word clock, and genlock generator for $915 (a $650 savings) for a limited time! Sign up for a coupon code here and Timecode Systems will email it to you during the week of May 2nd, 2017.

It's expected to start shipping in late May and initial stock may be limited, so preorder today!

Assuming Direct Control of the 6-Series

The new v 3.10 Sound Devices firmware update for the 633, 664, and 688 adds support for third party wireless control, time code and metadata management including the Timecode Systems :wave, PureBlend's MovieSlate iOS app, and Ambient's Master Lockit. With just the firmware update (downloadable here), a time code hub, and a link cable, you can now control your mixer from your iOS device (Timecode Systems) or any web browser (Ambient Lockit). The Ambient Lockit will also work with your 788T.

Here are the gear lists Sound Devices put together:

iOS Wireless Remote Control Integration (more info from MovieSlate)

Web-based Remote Control Integration (more info from Ambient)

More details and set-up diagrams here!

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