Introducing the Sound Devices 633!

Sound Devices, makers of the 7-Series recorders and the 664 mixer/recorder, announced a new product to complement their lineup today: the new 633 Field Production Mixer.

Following the lead of the 664, the 633 features six inputs with an integrated 10-track recorder that can record 24-bit at 48 kHz on all ten tracks. Recording inputs include three XLR mic/line inputs and three TA3 line inputs, and outputting to six output busses. Also included is an internal Ambient timecode generator, color LCD screen, and metadata editing via front panel knob or USB keyboard. Recorded media is stored on CF and/or SD cards. If you’ve used a 664, you’ll be right at home with a 633.

But perhaps the most interesting feature about this new unit is the inclusion of Sound Devices’ PowerSafe power supply. The 633 has not one, not two, but four possible power sources: external DC, two L-Type 7.2 V batteries, and internal AA batteries. In the case of power failure from all of those sources, the PowerSafe technology kicks in to keep your 633 powered for up to ten seconds, to make sure the unit closes all files and processes normally or give you time to connect the 633 to an alternate power source. We’ve all been there when batteries suddenly die during a take. With up to four possible sources of power, the possibility of that happening to you gets reduced drastically, and even if you do lose power during a crucial moment, the PowerSafe technology will keep your files safe and uncorrupted.

The Sound Devices 633 is only the start of the announcement. The 633 also comes in a convenient kit form, bundled with:

  • Three XL-2F cables

  • Two XL-2 cables

  • One XL-LB2 cables

  • Two XL-B2 L-Type batteries

  • One 16GB Compact Flash card, approved by Sound Devices

  • One CS-633 bag designed specially for the 633 by PortaBrace.

The 633, 633 Kit, and CS-633 are all available for purchase immediately from this site. We expect our stock to sell out fast, so get your order in today!

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