Mojave Audio Mics Now Available

Designed by Grammy award-winning microphone designer David Royer (of Royer Ribbon Microphones fame), Mojave Audio microphones are your ticket to studio-quality dialog, voice over and Foley FX. Mojave Audio stands abovea the competition by offering a clear, articulate response along with a warm, flattering character at a price half of what you would spend on an old tube mic. Looking for a vintage microphone for the 21st century? Try a Mojave MA-300!

Gotham Sound is proud to have the MA-300, MA-301fet, MA-100 and MA-101fet available for demo or purchase.

Check them out here or contact [email protected] to schedule a demo today.


Four New Products from Zaxcom That Will Make You Think Less About Your Wireless

​With Zaxcom's brand-new line of products, you get better bandsplit and range for your wireless. It's all fully compatible with the current line of Zaxcom devices and will be available soon! We'll keep you posted, but for now, here's what we know:

1. The TRXLA2 Tx covers four blocks with a single transmitter.

The LA2 is a talent transmitter with user selectable power output of 25, 50 or 125mW that covers four blocks with a single transmitter. Based on the best-selling TRX900LA, but totally redesigned on the inside with a brand new proprietary digital modulation digital modulation for increased transmission distance. More details about the TRXLA2 here.

2. So does the TRXLT2.

Like what you heard about the LA2 but want it in a smaller package? The LT2 is an ultra small size transmitter with much the same capabilities and adjustable power output of 10, 25 or 50mW. More details about the TRXLT2 here.

3. The QRX200 Rx is a 200 MHz wide ENG receiver.

The QRX200 Rx has a tunable tracking front end filter so you can receive on any frequency in any block from 20 through 27 (512 - 698 MHz) at a significantly enhanced distance. More details about the QRX200 here.

4. The QRX235 Rx features all new digital modulation and a QIFB option.

The digital modulation gives the QRX235 significantly enhanced distance and range and the QIFB upgrade adds the ability to read time code wirelessly, all while it receives up to 4 channels of 100% digital audio from up to 2 transmitters. More details about the QRX235 here.

There! Now that you think less about wireless, you have more time to celebrate the endless series of small triumphs that make up your day!

Introducing the Sound Devices 633!

Sound Devices, makers of the 7-Series recorders and the 664 mixer/recorder, announced a new product to complement their lineup today: the new 633 Field Production Mixer.

Following the lead of the 664, the 633 features six inputs with an integrated 10-track recorder that can record 24-bit at 48 kHz on all ten tracks. Recording inputs include three XLR mic/line inputs and three TA3 line inputs, and outputting to six output busses. Also included is an internal Ambient timecode generator, color LCD screen, and metadata editing via front panel knob or USB keyboard. Recorded media is stored on CF and/or SD cards. If you’ve used a 664, you’ll be right at home with a 633.

Order Your Zaxcom Maxx Today!

The Zaxcom Maxx is now shipping! We have a demo unit in store if you'd like to come see or you can check out all the details of and order one of this fantastic little mixer/recorder/transmitters today (that's the fully loaded version with all the trimmings - here's the base model and each individual option!) 

Update: Or, if you hate reading, you can watch Dan Joseph give a quick briefing!

Zaxcom Maxx Introduction from Gotham Sound on Vimeo.


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