GSTV: Sound Devices Wingman Connect

Peter Schneider demos Sound Devices' new Wingman iOS remote control app for 6-series recorders!



Hello and welcome to Gotham Sound TV's latest installment.

Today we're talking about the Sound Devices Wingman Connect, which is an exciting app from Sound Devices, so let's let's jump right into it.

It comes as two parts. First is the Connect, which is a $59.95 dongle.

Just open up the package here. You get a handy extension cable.

This is the magic right here; that is the dongle itself with a little adapter and I'm going to flip this around and it plugs in like that.

We're going to turn it off and turn it back on again and if we flip back to our app on our iPad, we'll fire up the app and there we go.

Done! All right, we see meters and we see time code! Very cool. So it just automatically connects.

Let me try that one more time. Bluetooth off, Bluetooth back on...

There we go! Super simple.

All right, so we have different options. We have our meters here. We can name our individual tracks, so this could be "Wireless 2", for example, and it shows up there. All of this is getting transferred to our Sound Devices.

And we can remote roll, so I'll roll on here and there we see the Sound Devices rolling. Press stop on the app and it stops.

Go over to our take list and there is our last take.

We can change any of the metadata that we want, so that's now 'Baker', and that automatically goes to take one..

Now when we roll 53 Baker take two, all of this is transferring into our 688 and when it comes time to do reports, we can have any of this information pre-populated and we hit 'create report' and off it goes into an email as a.CSV So, it's pre-populated to [email protected] and away it goes.

And just to verify, if we go into our 688...

Let's choose our files...and there are the files.

53 Baker takes one and two and we can edit them, complete with track naming right there

So, yeah, for 60 bucks, pretty slick, I think.

For those curious, I am talking through a microphone that is a slate microphone - well, I'm talking through a lav, but to get the meters to move, it's this slate microphone that we're experimenting with.

This is a gaming headset mic that's modified to go into this 688 so that's it.

OFFSCREEN: We have a question from Paul. Paul wants to know if the door opens with the USB connected.

That is an excellent question. The question is "does the door open?" and the answer is absolutely not, which explains Sound Devices' very, very thoughtful cable, which is probably something I could have used earlier. Only goes in one way and the door still doesn't, so no, door does not open with this connected.

Let's see how quick it is to reconnect.

So, if I put this back in like that does the app...yeah, the app fires right up.

So pretty much once it's connected - let's just test that again.

So i'm going to pull this and the app disconnected. As soon as I hook this up 1-2-3 and let's see how quickly it fires up.

Fires up pretty quick, so that's it.

Next week,we are going to show -

OFFSCREEN: What firmware version does it need?

Oh, thank you. Make sure you have iOS 8 or higher.

We're back-ordered roughly 'til mid-October, but check with your salespeople.

iOS 8 or higher works with iPads, iPhones, Touches, Airs and Sound Devices version 4 firmware.

One thing I would like to show, if we can get back to the close-up.

All right, so if we go into our menu and if we go into System- that's number 10 - and make sure that USB is set to host or keyboard mode, not factory test.

All right, well, that's it.

Next week, September 20th: Zoom F4 recorder demo.

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Thank you.

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